Monzo Metal Card

You can only pay with the Apple Card if you have your device nearby. So no use for the card to be contactless.

This comment has aged well :slight_smile:


Seeing a lot of good suggestions where normal customers are stating how they’d love the idea etc etc then you’ll see investors saying no as they feel they are more important than the customers. “It’ll not make me loads of money so it’s a no from me” kind of replies. Give it another 12 months and these investors will think about the money and sell to a bank like Barclays even if it’s not in the interest of their customers. Monzo was set up to do things fair instead of making billions out of us. Already they are putting ideas aside as the cost would be greater than profit. The cheque imaging facility is a great example of that but not limited to.
Monzo is worth a lot of money, it’s time for the investors to cash out and allow Monzo to grow and improve without investors saying no due to costings.

Investors on the forum hold a tiny percentage of the overall shares. So tiny that their influence is completely none existent when it comes to having any additional influence over the rest of the customer base

Investors are customers and so comment based on what they want to see from the account that actually use

Cheque imaging was put down the priority list due to open banking and SCA legislation which meant they needed to be implemented in a specific time period


Someone has an agenda of some sort I guess but I can’t work out what it is. If all those posts are on the forum, I haven’t seen them.


Investors almost everytime will think about the idea being profitable for their return when/if Monzo goes public. Investors don’t just give money away to loose money. They’ve invested to get a return on their money. So to say they solely comment on customer basis is rubbish. Fair play they might not have much say on things. But I’ve seen many posts where investors have argued until there face has turned blue even though 90% of commenters agreed the idea was a good idea.

So you think someone who bought 1 share (as many did) are solely interested in the returns? Especially since it’s an illiquid asset that could be tied up for several years and is just as likely to reduce in value as people are questioning unicorn valuations in response to the WeWork debacle

You are assuming it’s because people with an investor flair are considering their returns and not just because they don’t agree with that 90% because they just don’t agree?


Yeah, I think you’re squashing too many things together and trying to make a coherent point out of them. It may work on the surface but, doesn’t really carry much weight.

Generally, customers who invest are looking for the customer experience first with the hope of some return later on. If the customer experience goes bad, they’re out - read the Monzo Plus threads for evidence of that!


I agree, that there’s a lot of small investors who don’t care and just want to be apart of the next big thing. But the bigger investors will obviously be looking at ideas as profitable or not. I just feel reading some replies on threads that some investors seem to think they are more important than customers. It’s just a observation that I’ve made. Some banging ideas get suggested.

Sorry, no. I’ve been reading stuff on here since 2016 and it simply isn’t so. People who’ve invested have opinions. The opinions aren’t universally related to the investment decision.

Anyway, at this point we’re way off the topic of metal cards which is what is supposed to be discussed here.


Just saw this in Twitter, I know Monzo won’t do this, but looks pretty amazing (ignore the price!)


I loved Naga when she was told it doesn’t do contactless…

“What?!? For £18000 I’d expect that!”

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£18,000 and it’s only 18 carats? Outrageous.


Can they do a raffle for one of those please.

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Having played with a metal Amex and revolut card is i would love to see a monzo take

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I think this is probably coming with the next iteration of Plus.

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