Monzo & Manchester

You guys have an upcoming event “Monzo Debates: Manchester”, What are the purpose of these events and how do you see Monzo embedding itself already as a tech leader into the thriving tech community of Manchester?


Apparantly they’re not now. Shame

Really? What a shame- would have been great for Manchester’s tech community. Any idea as to when they are going to make this happen?

Sadly not @cookywook might know?

Hey @cookywook, any updates on this please? :nerd_face:

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Hi both!

Unfortunately we’ve cancelled this event, for now. With both panelists and staff away on holidays, we haven’t had time to dedicate to making the event the best it could be.

Sorry for the disappointing news :disappointed:


Hey Richard!

No worries :slight_smile: Thanks for letting us know. If you need external support in terms of events agencies, I’d be happy to source a couple of Manchester based agencies who would love to do this for you- I work with marketing teams within the fintech world in similar situations.
My email address is :slight_smile: