(Rika Raybould) #22

After playing around with the pages of some of the team and having a think about some of the uses, I retract this comment. It’s consistent with a cold open without a requested amount.

Would love to see something like optical codes with an in-app scanner for in-person Monzo to Monzo payments though if that can be built on the same systems.

(Stuart Cameron) #23

Just paid myself and it works :slight_smile:

#24 :+1:

(Alex Sherwood) #25

Me too :smiley:

Yet another reason not to thank my parents for giving me the middle names Peter Lowater @OJFord :disappointed:

If anyone wants to test sending money to someone else, feel free to send money to :wink:

Also, I was wondering whether this would enable users to fund Monzo cards from credit cards & having accidentally tested that - it doesn’t.

The first time I’ve used in browser Apple Pay though, very cool! You don’t get a receipt (see Stuart’s screenshot) if you use this payment method though. You still receive a receipt if you use this payment method.

Lastly, this is relatively minor but when I used my debit card to make a payment to myself, I used the name on my card Mr Alexander … & Monzo has picked up the Mr as if it was my first name that causes a couple of problems in the app (outlined in red) -

that may become a bigger issue once you’ve received payments from two different people with Mr / Ms etc. at the beginning of their name on their card…

Obviously it would be better if Monzo filtered out common titles from the beginning of sender’s names.

To avoid this, users can ask senders not to include their title or middle names when completing their card details. The payment was still authorised for me, when using a Lloyds card.

I’ve now ended up with payments from what Monzo sees as 4 different people -

so perhaps Monzo could link payments together based on card / account number in the future?

Again, these are only minor changes but I thought I’d point out these potential improvements so that they can be considered.

(Rika Raybould) #26


Needs better metadata though, some OpenGraph/Twitter cards/etc. tags would be appreciated and are super easy to do. Twitter, LINE and other social networks show nothing but the bare link.

(Frank) #27

It would be great to build this into transactions. So you can go into a transaction and see an option to forward the payment request to someone. Then the amount can default to the transaction amount. You could then choose an option of % so it works out the amount for you.

You could then also prepopulate the Note field with the transaction info.

Should only be a few steps more to send one request to multiple users.

(Alex Sherwood) #28

I’m pretty sure that functionality’s exactly what Hugo’s referring to here :wink:

Bill splitting is next up on the roadmap.


Love how you can add an amount after as well, so

(Alex Sherwood) #30

So that’s how this works -

adding decimal points works too -

nice find, I think we’ve got this pretty much figured out now :laughing:

Can anyone work out how to add notes too?

(Rika Raybould) #31

Testing a few things but not being too successful from just my phone in a cafe.

Adding too many parameters with slashes directs to home, tested combinations of ?n=, ?note=, ?message= to no effect. :frowning2:

UPDATE: Credit to @billinghamj in Slack, it’s ?d=


Wonder what the d is for, and why d

(James Billingham) #33

Stands for “description”, but I think it was pretty arbitrary really.


Of course, a bit slow there!

(Arslan) #35

How do I generate my Link?

(Matt) #36

Really nice idea. Especially useful at the moment while Monzo is prepaid and options of transferring/paying in money is more limited. But will this feature still be possible when the full account is launched? This has surely gotta be easier and more secure than Faster Payments as you haven’t gotta mess around with giving out sort codes and account numbers.

(Alex Sherwood) #37

Just add your full name after


(Daniel works for Monzo)

(Arslan) #38

Yeah That is the problem. No iOS here.

(Arslan) #39

Maximum Cap for a Single Transaction is Currently £100. :sunglasses:


Can Monzo enable Monzo with Friends for us if we don’t have iOS?

(Arslan) #41

I’d love it if they can do that :heart_eyes: