This is great! Could open so many possibilities because of the ease of use of the link.

(Ben Green) #43

This isn’t so easy for me :disappointed:

Already double checked it’s definitely enabled. Simon from support team said my account looks fine.

(Alex Sherwood) #44

So you’ve confirmed that you’re using the same legal name, as Monzo have for your account? :thinking:

(Frank) #45

Ah I was reading that as point of sale. :+1:

(Ben Green) #46

Same as on my profile page in the app and returns a username not recognised error :confused:

(Alex Sherwood) #47

That’s what I’m using too :grimacing:

I’m seeing this error message using your URL though.

So I know you said you checked on this but:

  • Has your account been verified?
  • When you go to Card > Profile is Monzo Payments with Friends switched on?

(Jolin) #48

Just tried it. First time it seemed to say my username couldn’t be found. But maybe I mistyped it. Because now it works perfectly. What an amazing feature. So well designed! As expected from the :mondo: team. :smiley:

(Ben Green) #49

Simon says my account is fine and I haven’t had any issues until now.

(Ben Green) #50

Yeah, it’s enabled.

Simon got the engineering team looking into it, or at least will be by Monday morning hopefully. Was just hoping someone else encountered the same problem.


and have you tried it with any middle name included (if any)

(Hugo Cornejo) #52

WOW, you guys are really excited about, such an amazing level of investigation :male_detective:

Please just remember we haven’t released it yet, we’re still adjusting and trying things out. I recommend you to not use it for real until we release it properly since we might still make some changes :eyes:

(Ben Green) #53

No middle name to try :confused:

(Arslan) #54

Hugo you better find a way to enable it for android users automatically when you release it :sunglasses:


well your name clearly has no accents (as some systems convert say ö to oe, ä to ae, etc) so I have no other ideas why it not working

(Simon B) #56

As Hugo said, we haven’t actually released the feature yet, so please don’t worry too much if things aren’t working, what you’re seeing right now is just part of the functionality and until we actually make an official announcement and ship the actual app update that includes it, then you should probably expect to see a bug or two, or for things to change.

Not much longer, we promise!

(Ben Green) #57

Completely understandable of course :slightly_smiling_face:

(Christopher J. Sladdin) #58

This is great. Wondering how this will interact with the forthcoming bill splitting tool? Any ideas?

( #59

Any chance I can request a custom name via support please?
I’m planning to use this as a link I’ll send for payments online when selling, items of £100 and under obviously, and I’d rather not share my full name around everywhere. I try to keep fairly anonymous and my combination of names probably isn’t that common.

(Alex Sherwood) #60

You’re getting close to a business use case there so I just thought mention a couple of things, in case anyone’s thinking of using their for business (even if you’re not)…

There’s a couple of problems with people using for business would cause / run into -

  • Monzo doesn’t plan to offer business accounts
  • Monzo has to pay a fee to accept card payments so lots of transactions (business volumes) would be expensive for Monzo, as it’s not passing the cost onto card users
  • You’d be in danger of hitting the £3,750 daily, 5k monthly or 60k annual top up limits

Having said that, since Hugo’s mentioned that usernames will be available in the future, I’d hope that Monzo could set you up with a custom name now :slight_smile:

(Tristan Thomas) #61

A quick note about Android support for those interested :slight_smile:

We won’t have all the beautiful UI in-app @hugo has shown above (yet) but you’ll be able to use still. Once we ship payments on Android (very, very soon ;)) and you enable them, your page should work automatically so you’ll just need to work out what your username is and the syntax of the link (as has been done above!) I’ll post full instructions when we launch it for Android users and I’ve tested that this theory works!

And don’t worry, support on Android is coming too! I’ll add it to the roadmap as soon as we launch it publicly :tada: