Monzo.Me Reminders


I recently got an Uber for a friend as they don’t use the Uber App. I sent a Monzo.Me link to them, customised - so all they had to do was open the link and pay using a card …

I had completely forgotten they owed me money, until they paid it just today.

It would be great if an idle Monze.Me link, that hasn’t been used for payment would automatically send a reminder to the person that owes me money every so often!

Just an idea!


Or a part of the app where we can track outstanding payments that we’ve requested? That would be pretty cool too.


I also hope Monzo will add some decent first class support for bill splitting

Hopefully things like this will be coming soon! Screenshot below is in sneak peeks coming soon :crossed_fingers:


This looks really exciting! I use splits regularly and can’t wait for greater functionality

I would absolutely love a better way to track which of my customised requests have been paid!

Bill splitting is going in to Labs next week with a launch event: