through a shortened link

When you create a request, the link is something like

Is it possible to save this link to a link shortening service, such as, so that it can be easily typed out? Will the original link remain valid for all time?

No one can say it’ll work for all time, but it’ll work unless they change the structure of the links, but I’m sure they’d be able to do redirects at least for a while. Would you always want to have the reference and amount set though? The – Send money instantly through a link bit should be enough for most purposes.

Wouldn’t want the same link forever, but my shortened link has to remain valid for a while. The ‘all time’ was more of a proof of concept question really.

If you create an account with, it will be live for AGES. I have some links from 2014 that are still valid. It also allows you to edit link it redirects to, so if Monzo ever changed structure or you changed your legal name, you could update url in and keep using same url.

I already have a account. I run my own, personalised URL shortener domain through it :wink:

@j06 Oh, I’m sorry if I missed the point :smiley: If gets updated, you have all means to update your redirect url. We can only guess how likely is to get updated (in a way that will break your, might be customisable in the future, but again, that would be conscious change from your end first.

Thanks. Essentially, my question was just to check the link isn’t dynamically created each time it’s loaded, and that if I put it through a URL shortener redirect it would still work for multiple people, in the short to medium term.

I understand Monzo reserve the right to change their link structure at any point.

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