Monzo-Me - Jersey Postcode

Hi all - A non-Monzo friend tried paying my Monzo-me request but he had a setup issue and payment failed because of his Jersey CI postcode… Thoughts on a postcard?

Monzo Beta not recognising Jersey CI?

I live in Jersey as well…

Are you sure it’s postcode?

Check your friend is using a debit card to pay you. Credit cards and AMEX cards won’t work.

(I found this out yesterday when demonstrating to my elderly father. He’s a great beta tester… he’ll break anything. The error messages for payment failures are poor. They could conduct a check in the BIN and advise you that a particular card is no accepted …or if the postcode is not accepted, for instance.)

I was told by customer support that Egyptian post codes are supposed to be accepted (although I haven’t been able to confirm that definitively), so I’m sure Jersey ones will be fine :smiley:

I understand that Monzo doesn’t really care about the post code. It is used by the issueing bank (or their processor, or card network, or whomever, but not Monzo) to authorise the payment, and for nothing else.

(If you are really curious: They don’t use post codes in Egypt. Post code “n/a” appeared to worked fine, although the Egyptian bank refused the payment for other reasons, so I can’t vouch for that.)

Yes, that makes sense. And it’s actually only the digits they’re interested in, not the letters.

This is also true in the ROI. Although postcodes are starting to become a thing many places don’t have them.

I know. There are actually quite a lot of countries that don’t use post codes. That’s why mandatory post codes are annoying …