Non-UK postcode in payment

Someone tried to send me money via today using a French UK card, registered to their French address. Their postcode was rejected as invalid.

Is this expected behaviour, or should accept any valid payment card? is the validation naïve about non-UK postcodes?


Try Transferwise perhaps?

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Fair enough if true; can’t find it documented anywhere.

No idea mate, I am just guessing.


I assumed any payment card could be used irrespective of where it’s from? Where did the message about the postcode come from?

I thought they were essentially ‘buying’, for example, £20 of nothing from Monzo who then transfer it to you. As such, any valid payment card should work :thinking:


I assumed the same, which is why I’m now wondering if it’s simply the postcode validation being too strict and not recognising an all-numeric French postcode.

Is it definitely registered to a UK bank? I didn’t know you could have a UK card with a foreign address…


It’s most likely just an oversight because back when this was designed they were mainly expecting UK cards. You could always try with a random UK postcode and see if it authorises - I mean what’s the worst that could happen?

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Tried that, the card was simply rejected. ^^

After some searching around it looks like some UK banks are happy to change your address to a forgein one as long as you initially opened the account with a UK address.

Thanks to @BethS for pointing out this post confirming that payments can originate from

So yeah, I think you’re right, it’s a simple overlook. Oh well, not a huge deal. :blush: