Group transactions by an event (e.g. Weekend away, work night out...)

Hi all,

This is an idea to be able to group your transactions into an user defined group.

For example you could create an event called ‘Weekend trip to London’, then tap on the transactions you made when you were there and add them to this event. It would make it easier in the future to look back at what you spent there.

Or another way would be at the start of the weekend to create your ‘Weekend in London’ group, then all transactions automatically go into that event. At the end of the weekend you could ‘End event’ and the group closes. You could also set a budget at the start of the event and get updates how much you have spent/have left in your budget.



This would be awesome

I love this idea. It could be displayed similar to the way it shows international transactions when you return from another country.

Love this idea, would be good to see something like this implemented.

I like this idea, at present i’m just putting a hashtag and a relevant title of the event in the notes then searching for that hashtag e.g #MikesStagDo #TripToBath etc…


Clever! Good workaround for now.

I like this idea. I would use it for conventions that I go to.

Would be nice if this also worked for business expenses, with the ability to export details of the event spending to Finance etc.


Really great idea and good workaround by @leonardh I am doing something similar without the #
If Monzo could make # work like it works here on community or slack world be great for tagging quickly and searching.

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Really good idea. :grinning:


This is a really great idea. At the moment, while its useful to see a per-merchant and per-category breakdown, there’s definitely something missing. Another grouping, for example: Christmas presents. As Monzo transitions from being a “spending card” (i.e. mostly discretionary cash) to a full-on current account, the time horizon that the app exposes to users has to change, too. Reporting discretionary spending makes sense on a month-to-month basis, as most people are paid on that schedule. But now Monzo needs a better solution for showing us the things that are longer term, and don’t fit so neatly into the current app’s paradigm. Allowing people to create custom groupings could help a lot in this endeavour.

Great idea! MIght add to our Extraordinary Ideas board if that’s OK @seanos94 :slightly_smiling_face:


oooh I haven’t seen this, love it

Glad you like the idea. Yes, please do!

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We’re currently on a two week holiday with friends and are currently constantly monzoing each other because we’re splitting the bills. It’d be great to be able to assign expenses to a group/activity temporary account and then equally split the cost at the end of the trip/activity.

This would probably come under: Pots

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This seems as good a place as any to post this suggestion.

Would it be possible to group transactions and then split them? For example, I’ve bought the drinks for my gf and I this evening and rather than manually total and divide them it would be nice if Monzo could do that for me.