for joint accounts?

I also think it would be useful to make transfers from the joint account. Hopefully this is being worked on. :crossed_fingers:


I’d like to see for joint accounts as well


I’d like to 2nd this idea.
If you could add this feature by July that’d be awesome, for those who will be kind enough to give me and my fiancée money as a wedding present. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I’ve just fallen into this trap too. Is really like this feature too

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drives me mad every time.
I get alot of payment requests to my monzo account from co-workers (we’re all on monzo) but I solely use a joint account with my significant other.
every time, I have to decline the payment request, switch to joint account and pay them the amount requested.
or I could, go into joint account and transfer funds…
would be easier if I could choose which account to pay the request from


This seems to have gone a bit dead, but I just made a request for money, people told me they’d paid, but I couldn’t see it in our joint account. I hadn’t realised that the request for money was to my personal account rather than our joint account that I was switched to.

Please add this feature: I can’t see anything technically difficult about it, it just needs bothering to do.

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In a different thread, the idea of a different monzo domain for the Joint Account was thought up;

Current link (for Persoal Account) =[username]

Idea for Joint Account =[username1] or[username2]

This could work while keeping the current structure for personal accounts unchanged.

If this happens - full credit to @Rat_au_van :smile:


Sweet idea!

Edit: OMG this is a perfect solution. Please do this Monzo!


I would be surprised if it happens anytime soon. Paying into an account by card costs Monzo money for every transaction, and they are all about profit generating features right now. They would prefer you don’t use whatsoever. I would love to be proud wrong though.

Sounds like you’re asking for Bill Splits or money requests sent from a joint accounts to be paid back into the joint account. You can vote for this feature here:

Kind of, but you can request money without it being a bill split.

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This definitely needs some more traction, it cannot be that difficult to implement. Monzo can we get some input please?


Any update on this?

Just did another bill split on my joint account before remembering the money goes to my personal. This should really be turned off!

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