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Once Mondo gains full banking status, will there be plans for Joint Current Accounts as well as a standard Current Account?

I currently have a joint account with my partner which we use exclusively for house bills, mortgage, electricity, water etc… We both transfer in a set amount each month to cover everything.

Having all these in a separate account to our own individual current accounts helps us to manage our shared finances.

I’m wondering if Mondo has plans for joint accounts or even if there might be a better way of dealing with this kind of situation? A possible rethink on the best way to manage joint outgoings that doesn’t necessarily mean opening a completely separate account?

If I maintain a joint account elsewhere, I don’t get Mondo’s planned insight into how we are spending on utility bills, which would be very useful.


We have to talk about Joint Accounts
Does Monzo offer a joint account?
Does Monzo offer a joint account?
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For sure :slight_smile: I would love one and we have so many ideas around how that could be useful.

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Joint accounts or one account with 2 cards and virtual accounts would be what we do mow with one account and spreadsheet updated monthly. So real-time updates to virtual accounts from both users actions on spending and income would be really great.

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