Bill Splits, Money Requests & Shared Tab payments from a joint account should pay back into the joint account

Hi - we had a friend over this weekend and ordered takeaway pizzas for £30. We paid out of our joint account. I chose to split the bill with our friend. I customised the amount they pay us to £10.

However, the money went back into my personal account, not into the Joint Account, which still had the £30 bill sat there.
This makes no sense to me as the original payment came out of the joint account - not from my personal account.

I noticed that the same thing happens when I place a bill from our joint account into a shared tab - it doesn’t recognise the Joint Account as an entity, instead only the different people on that tab.

I get that a ‘workaround’ would be to split it with our Joint Account partner - but that defeats the object of having a joint account. We want it to come out of our joint account budget not our personal account.

When splitting bills, can the payment go back into the originating account. Can it treat a Joint Account as separate to our individual personal accounts.

Thoughts / Suggestions welcome.

3 Likes has never been built for joint accounts and don’t believe any plans to do the split the bill funds just go to whoever’s link it is.

Split the bill doesn’t really work on JA for this reason. I’m surprised Monzo have never removed it from JA

Bill Splitting and Shared Tabs definitely need reworking for joint accounts. I expect they are currently based on each individual rather than each account just like pots used to be. I can’t think of a reason why this wouldn’t be doable.

For payments, I can’t see why it wouldn’t be possible to send the money from temporary links (eg: from Bill Splitting) to a joint account (if the split was made from that account) because these links have a random sequence of letters and numbers after “” (from what I recall). However, I’m not sure what you’d call the standard for a joint account (ie: what would “?” be in ""), so a standard for each joint account might not be feasible.

I think the main issue with receiving Bill Split requests on your joint account is making joint accounts discoverable to other people. Monzo would have to reveal who someone’s joint account is with to people who have their number (eg: Person A has a joint account with Person B. If Person C has Person A’s phone number they’d be able to have the option to send a payment to/split a bill with “Person A” or “Joint account (A & B)”). A possible solution is to have an option in the pre-payment Bill Split request to “Accept this request using your joint account with X”.


Bill Spitting

  • Income from Bill Splits sent from a joint account should definitely go into the joint account.

  • People should be able to Bill Split personal account transactions with their own joint account (and vice versa).

  • Income from temporary links from Bill Splits should go into the account which splits the transaction.

  • If people can only split their transactions with other people’s personal accounts, there could be an option in the pre-payment Bill Split request to “Accept this request using your joint account with X”.

Shared Tabs

  • Shared Tabs created on a joint account should be viewable through the joint account by all parties on the joint account

  • The fact that it’s a joint account should be indicated in the Shared Tab.

  • People should be able to add both their joint account and their personal account to a Shared Tab.

  • Payments from settling up a Shared Tab should be taken from the account added to the Shared Tab.

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Yeah I’d like to be able to split the bill with my partner and myself

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When doing supermarket shops I have to pay for the food first and then the alcohol second to get around not being able to do this :frowning_face:

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This must have changed recently then because if I split a bill from the joint account, when paid, it comes straight into the joint account and it’s all linked up nicely.

Still a LONG way to go before we get parity between joint and single accounts.