Split transactions with self on joint accounts

Here’s a suggestion for something that’s constantly irked me…

Say I make a transaction for £100 on our joint Monzo account. £25 is money that is to be paid by my partner from her personal Monzo account, £30 is by me from my personal Monzo account, and the remainder is to come from our joint funds.

However, if I choose “Split this bill” I can only split with her. If I want to pay the £30 from my personal account, I have to manually go back to the home screen, tap “Move money”, then manually move it, and then on both sides - joint and personal - fiddle with the categorisations to make sure it nets off properly against budgets on both sides.

Wouldn’t it be simpler if the app could recognise that if I’m splitting a bill from my joint account I might conceivably want to pay some portion of that bill from my personal? It’d make my life so much easier and remove one of the few little pain points from Monzo!

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Hi - that doesn’t work I’m afraid. I have a Monzo personal account but if I choose “Split this bill” I do not appear as a valid “target” for splitting the bill, only my partner does (along with all my other Monzo contacts).

Assigning bank credits is all well and good but it’s not something I should have to do if Monzo can do this automatically, and given that the money would be staying within Monzo it doesn’t make sense to have to do all this manually.

Sorry, I wasn’t giving you a solution, it was the link to the most popular thread where this has been suggested before.

Ah sorry, thanks!

Great idea, should of been there from the start of joint accounts. Just makes sense to be able to spilt it between owned accounts maybe not business accounts but for personal and joint !

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