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In light of the announced cutting off of the Monzo account topping-up using a debit card, I would like to ask how exactly can be used to top up OWN Monzo account (NOT to send money to other people).
I have never used, my ONLY method of feeding my Monzo card was to transfer money from my bank debit card, which from October onwards will no longer be possible…
Thank you! Perhaps exemplifying screenshots may help even more than just a textual explanation. isn’t capable of sending money to other people, it’s a mechanism for sending people a web link that can be used to put money into your account.

The only difference here is that you use your own web link yourself rather than sending it to someone else.

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  1. Go to PAYMENTS tab (this is on iOS)
  2. Press the REQUEST tab (at the top of the screen)
  3. Press the SHARE MONZO.ME link
  4. Select COPY to copy to clipboard
  5. Switch to Safari (or other web browser) and paste the link in your address bar
  6. Define the amount and pay in the usual way
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I’m suspicious that Monzo will kill off at some point in the near future, but in the meantime you can use it as tbutz has already described. I use a fair bit to request money off friends, so I am very wary of Monzo’s move to kill off debit card top ups…

As the business develops, I guess anything Is possible. I can almost guarantee that taking debit card deposits isn’t in any banks core business model right now.


Save your own link as a bookmark.

You’ll find your username in the app: click the Account tab, then click through at the top where it shows your photo and account number, and the link is at the top of the main account details page. Adding a photo of yourself here means it shows up when using

Then when you want to use your link to pay in, just click the bookmark.

Out of interest why can’t you do a normal bank transfer?


Using the link with Google Pay makes it a stupidly easy and quick option, particularly if your legacy bank’s faster payments are… slow

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