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Today I successfully received a payment for an item I sold on ebay. This was fantastic for both me and the buyer as it was quick and I didn’t then have to transfer money from my PayPal account to my bank, or wait for the money to be released from PayPal :money_mouth_face:


That’s good. I’m not a PayPal or eBay expert. Do you have the same protection using

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No which is also good because PayPal refund people without even asking and it’s how many get duped


Good for sellers, but bad for buyers because you’re not afforded any protection from eBay. I would encourage people only to use to send money to people they actually know.


I believe you’ll loose your PayPal protection, saying that, if you pay by credit card with PayPal I believe you loose any section 75 rights.

Also, eBay are going to be stopping using PayPal in the next year and will implement a new payment provider.

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Yeah your right there!


I also heard this :slightly_smiling_face:


It will seemingly be cheaper for them, plus they will be able to offer the likes of Apple Pay :smiley:

It’s better than accepting cash!

In terms of how protected you are, they are both equally bad in my view :slight_smile:

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Be careful guys

I was scammed using Starling Fast Pay to Pay someone that advertises on e bay with lots of positive feedback. All sounded good and he wanted to avoid the expensive PayPal fees persuaded me to pay Direct. He then disappeared and nothing was received . A scammer

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eBay are not going to stop using PayPal in the next year.

There is an agreement between eBay and PayPal that lasts until July 2023. What is going to change is that eBay is to start directly taking payments (using a new 3rd party backend payment service), while still offering PayPal as a option …until 2023.

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Exactly that

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How did you do that? Doesn’t eBay force you to accept PayPal? Did you just DM the winning bidder before they paid via PayPal?

Have you checked out thier fees? Last time I looked they were a fair bit cheaper than PayPal…

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