eBay to add Apple Pay support

(Simon B) #1

This is interesting.

With Apple Pay (and, hopefully, Google Pay) built in to the eBay app, I wouldn’t need to use PayPal any more at all, really. Which is no bad thing - going direct to the bank via Apple or Google Pay is a much slicker solution.

(Greg Stevenson) #2

Oh no. More easy ways to spend money… :grimacing:

(Jolin) #3

Finally! This is so annoying when buying things with the eBay app, I don’t understand why it’s taken them so long. It’s like they are only just leaving the 90s behind.

(Jack) #4

Next stop amazon :raised_hands:t3:

(Andy) #5

It’s interesting that amazon still seem to have quite a legacy payment system - they still don’t ask for cvv. Wonder if it just works for them. Although means they are very unlikely to be able to support ApplePay etc without upgrading

(Jack) #6

Surprising for someone who has their fingers in all the pies like amazon :scream:

(Andre Borie) #7

Slightly off-topic but I wonder why PayPal themselves don’t support Apple Pay… a significant amount of online stores use them to process payments (and make them profit through fees), so why wouldn’t they make it easier to pay?

(Keesha) #8

I hope the next step is supporting google pay! Paypal take ages to take the money out of my account! :frowning:

(Michael) #9

Are you verified or have it set to your bank account?

I changed mine back to card as default so it was instant.

(Keesha) #10

I am verified! I’ll change it back to card and see what happens. Thanks!