📰 eBay is ditching PayPal



Monzo.me + ebay
(Allie) #2

Maybe behaviour like this has shown them they need to use a more honest provider? One can hope…


This news has made my week


I’ll await news on the fees before I decide if it’s a good thing.

(Mark Edmonds) #5

Starting to get annoyed with the loose term of “fintech startup” Adyen are pretty huge and been around for while.


Agree, I guess whoever wrote this CityAM article hasn’t heard of them :smile:

A better version of this news is on FT



I would almost be happy paying more just to stick two fingers up at Paypal!

(Hugh Wells) #8

I wonder how the money will be sent to people’s bank accounts? PayPal worked well for sellers in the sense you had a wallet of money that wasn’t associated with eBay.


Presumably just standard bank transfer, which to be fair is good enough - PayPal-style “wallets” have their uses but nobody needs one if they just want to sell something online.


Good news! I got interested in fintech following issues with Paypal, not related to eBay.

(Apart from the eBay perks, where an Adyen account will replace Paypal) Can a Monzo current account replace Paypal anywhere that takes card payments?


Presumably Adyen wouldn’t offer accounts at all because 90% of people just want to sell their stuff and not get yet another account. The remaining 10% will keep using PayPal and everyone is happy.