Top ups via Credit Card

Would be great to be able to top up Monzo balance via Credit Card.

I believe Revolut have this option, I don’t know much about it though but would be dead handy for the larger ticket items such as purchasing a car.

It isn’t a good idea to take cash off a credit card. Generally the interest rate is much higher and it’s normally something that is reported negatively on your credit report

I’d be shocked if Monzo offered this.


I’m surprised Rev let people do this

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Yes I did hear that. General rule is never to withdraw cash via Credit Card if I’m correct?

Either way, purchasing a car using this method would be good as instead of going to a dealership, a private purchase could be an option.

All for the dreams ay :joy:

Revolut seem to be moving to the “chuck every feature on regardless of need” school of design.

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You’d be far better off trying to get a Monzo loan (if you’re offered one)

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I can see what you mean. One thing I love about Monzo is it’s practicality and logical approach.

Very true! Didn’t think of that to be honest (Still recovering from new years)

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On a different note, is monzo still having issues with appearing on different credit reference agencies? Or is this all ok now?

Monzo only report to one CRA, so if that’s what you’re on about, it’s still the same.

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TransUnion I believe? Or whatever it’s called now. Looking forward to how they evolve.

I guess the big difference between Monzo and Revolut is that one is a bank, and the other isn’t.

If you have a money transfer credit card then yes the point is you transfer money to your bank account. Usually you have a 0% to then pay that back with a fixed period depending on how good your report is.

If you don’t have a money transfer credit card then doing so or using an ATM, or buying foreign currency is called a cash advance. You’ll pay a heavy amount of interest charged daily from the day you withdraw until it’s paid back.

If you have a money transfer credit card that doesn’t mean you get cash withdrawals and foreign currency for free if you used it directly. You’ll also likely pay a fee for the actual transfer to your bank account.

If it’s for car you might be better looking at Zopa to get a quote for a loan without hitting your credit score. Depends on how expensive the car is, if you’re looking for a £15k car then you might get the loan and over say 4/5 years, but only given a money transfer card of £10k. If you didn’t pay back the £10k within the 0% period like 24mths then you get screwed.

Here’s some more info on money transfer credit cards (all the way at the bottom of the page)

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Why would you want to fund a bank account with a credit card? Monzo is a current account not a spending card.

If it is for a large ticket item you would want to make the purchase on a credit card for the s75 Protection.

I think the OP was talking about private car purchases where you do a bank transfer or give them a wad of cash. A lot of dealers won’t take credit cards too.

To get the funds you would either need to take a loan or use a money transfer credit card to top your bank account up to then do as you please.

If the merchant accepts credit cards then yeah you would pay using like a purchase/reward credit card instead. You only need to spend a £1 to be covered as long as the car value is £100 - £30,000.