Curve Upfront vs Monzo Plus/Premium


I am after one specific function - making a payment with funds sourced from personal credit card. I know this is something Curve Upfront offers with a fee (which can be reduced via Curve Metal subscription).

Before I go and apply for Curve - can I do the same thing with either Monzo Plus or Monzo Premium? I know I can add my credit card to Monzo, but can I pay with the funds from credit card in the same way as Curve is selling?

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Monzo cannot do this.

Maybe I’m missing something but why wouldn’t you just use the credit card itself?

I assume that it is something that you can’t use a credit card for.

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Thank you for the reply, please close the thread.

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Just to be clear, Curve Fronted turns their debit card into a credit card. It may not be what you expected


Haha I love how they mention ns&i even though allegedly they will contact your credit card company and ns&i if you use it too much and they think you are recycling or well that’s how the emails could be read. After that happened the credit card company closed ever curve customers credit account.

I don’t care about all that. I needed it for 2 specific transactions that Monzo couldn’t provide. In the end - I cancelled and closed Curve as daily limits are just tiny.

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