automatic bank transfers to third party (or pots)

Had the idea of asking people if instead of buying me a gift for Christmas this year, they would put a bit of money towards me paying off my Invisalign braces, and it gave me an idea.

What if I could send someone my link and have them provide a reference, e.g “BRACES” - and have IFTTT set up so that if someone sends me money with that reference, it can automatically be sent via Bank Transfer to a third party (or to a pot?)


  • No additional work for you
  • You can’t forget to pay it
  • You can’t “forget” to pay it
  • User could potentially set a custom confirmation message/thank you based on the reference

Probably not something that will appeal to a large audience but I wanted to get it out there any who :blush:


I don’t believe IFTTT will ever be able to transfer money out of your account because of all the security overhead that would entail. A pot transfer, however, is more manageable.


I don’t think it is even as complicated as that, I believe that if a deposit has a reference eg ‘happy birthday’, the ability must already exist for that to be diverted to a pot of your choosing based on you defining the route for all deposits recieved with said reference, I can only imagine that’s how my credit card payment make it to my account cos as I see it I make my payment to ‘anycreditcard’ and we all send our payments to a single account number 12345678 anda single sort code 00-00-00 but we all user our unique 16 card number as the reference which in turn must divert my payment to my account…

Perhaps I’m missing something, but I feel this should be an easy task for the smart people at Monzo.



I think either the ability to detect the reference and transfer to a pot (where you could configure each pot to have any number of ‘reference detectable words’) based on the presence of that reference word and/or the ability to request money from a specific pot so that any payments made are immediately linked/deposited into that pot would be a great idea… think of all the wedding groups where instead of getting useless gifts or money in cards that goes missing you could just issue out a link that would direct all payments into your wedding fund/honeymoon fund… and thats just one application for the idea…

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Exactly! It’d avoid having to use other services like PayPal who hold your funds, charge you fees when they feel like it and mess you around.