Add “Send to Pot” Option to Incoming Transactions

When you tap on a transaction for money received, it would be great if there was a “Send to Pot” option where you would just select a pot and it would immediately transfer the amount of that transaction to the specified pot.

I often wish to transfer money from other bank accounts straight into a Monzo pot. It would also be useful with “gift” payments from friends and family, to be able to send them to a “Gifts” pot so they don’t get spent on bills etc.


I love this idea! Maybe even payments from certain bank accounts (like my own savings account) are automatically sent to pots too.


I’d love this feature, I posted it before… I’d like to see a payment made to me with a specific reference go straight to a pot of my choosing, like if I get a payment from a tenant and it has ref: 113 king street it would go straight to my pot for that rental income… it would complete my life… :slight_smile:

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I’d love this! Would be great for my salary :raised_hands:

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I think the best allocation of this would be how other banks and financial services by using the reference as a sorting method. For example each pot has a specific code or word that automatically puts the fund into that pot when used as the payment reference, so I can send money into a pot from my bank, and is also possible to then do so by scheduled payment.

I had exactly the same idea today too :joy:

I would like to see an option where you can select the amount of money you would like to transfer to a pot rather than having the whole amount of your account transfered then have to transfer out what you don’t want in there. Making it more user definable.

This would also help me with visualisation of the graph, which with salary tends to become rather useless with large (although wish they were larger) spikes distorting the scale, as the income is counted prior to moving to a pot. At the moment my salary is manually paid in from a different bank, is this issue resolved if salary is paid directly into Monzo?

I find the graph very useful from a budgeting perspective.

I just went to suggest this idea and then I found this post! Sad though that it’s 3 years old and didn’t quite get very far before. Hopefully, my reply gives it a bump.

I’m specifically looking for a ‘Send to pot’ option on the transaction details screen when I receive money.

Use case A:
I currently have a pot set up in my Monzo where a few friends and I are contributing an amount of money each month and then in about a year’s time we’ll look at how much we have saved and book a holiday with it (or use it to pay for a bar tab or two). I have hidden the pot so that I don’t ever see it and subconsciously think 'that’s my money.

The thing is, whenever my friends send me money each month I find myself having to unhide the pot, then go into the pot itself and top it up. Then I hide the pot again.

It’s not just that I have to do this once a month but I actually do it several times a month where my friends don’t all pay me at the same time. It’s such an unnecessary ballache.

Use case B:
When I sell stuff online or if I am ever gifted money I like to move that money into a specific pot like a savings pot, or a pot where I am keeping money that I want to spend for a specific thing.

Use case C:
On the joint account that my wife and I share, we do not keep money in the main account pot - we put everything away in pots for specific things. We both often send money to the account - and not just on payday (when we use the salary sorter).

It would be much faster and hassle-free if we could move it via the transaction screen, rather than having to open up each pot and do a top-up.

Crossing everything my reply gives this a boost. I would love it if this feature came to Monzo. For me, it would have multiple uses and save a lot of unnecessary tapping!


A little tip I got from @N26throwaway for this, because I used to do the same as you, unhide, add, hide it.

Scroll in your feed and find your pot, tap the item and then “Add to Party Fund” so you can keep the pot hidden.


Hey, thanks so much for trying to help! This sounds like it could really help me but I don’t see the option anywhere. Are you on Android by any chance? I’m on iOS!

Should work on iOS!

If you scroll through your transaction feed for a past transaction to a pot, or just search for it, tap on the transaction and you should see these options:

Just tap the Add to option and you’ll be able to add to it without having to unhide it!


Ah thankyou @N26throwaway! I misunderstood what @Revels meant.

This is for sure going to be handy, but I would love for the option to be baked into the details screen on received money - to save scrolling through the feed to find the right pot