Add “Send to Pot” Option to Incoming Transactions

(James Cocker) #1

When you tap on a transaction for money received, it would be great if there was a “Send to Pot” option where you would just select a pot and it would immediately transfer the amount of that transaction to the specified pot.

I often wish to transfer money from other bank accounts straight into a Monzo pot. It would also be useful with “gift” payments from friends and family, to be able to send them to a “Gifts” pot so they don’t get spent on bills etc.

(Sandeep) #2

I love this idea! Maybe even payments from certain bank accounts (like my own savings account) are automatically sent to pots too.

(Trevor Mitchell) #3

I’d love this feature, I posted it before… I’d like to see a payment made to me with a specific reference go straight to a pot of my choosing, like if I get a payment from a tenant and it has ref: 113 king street it would go straight to my pot for that rental income… it would complete my life… :slight_smile:

(Hugh Wells) #4

I’d love this! Would be great for my salary :raised_hands:

(Benjamin Perrett) #5

I think the best allocation of this would be how other banks and financial services by using the reference as a sorting method. For example each pot has a specific code or word that automatically puts the fund into that pot when used as the payment reference, so I can send money into a pot from my bank, and is also possible to then do so by scheduled payment.

(Frank) #6

I had exactly the same idea today too :joy:

(Dean MOORE) #7

I would like to see an option where you can select the amount of money you would like to transfer to a pot rather than having the whole amount of your account transfered then have to transfer out what you don’t want in there. Making it more user definable.