Select a reference to automatically move money to pots

If I am suggesting something that is already available, sorry I cannot find it in the app. If its been suggested already, sorry i’m both busy and prone to bouts of laziness. :smiley:

Anyway! What I want in the app is a way to associate a reference on an incoming transaction with a pot.

So, I create a pot, give it a reference to watch out for and as soon as there is a payment into monzo that has the reference it should be placed immediately into the associated pot.

It would make it easier to handle savings.

I think this sounds very different!

For example, if I want to move £100 from an external account to a Monzo bill pot to cover my credit card there are currently two steps: send to Monzo then move in Monzo. Instead I’d rather include a reference (#PotName?) that sorts out the movement in Monzo automatically! :raised_hands:

Great idea @Chris-s! Don’t forget to vote for it yourself!)


Love this idea. I’d have my housemates use it to send rent and bills money straight to my bills pot.

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That would be even better than needing pots to be assigned a reference, Just use a pot name as reference. that way not further setup needed, just one option to activate it account wide.

A requirement to use # or some other none standard character may prevent accidental assignments too. For instance somebody sent you money and they used a reference of their own, its possible they could match your pot.


I would love this feature! I could set all my self employed income to go into a pot and then take out the tax once a month, instead of doing it for every transaction :raised_hands:t3: I think the possibilities are endless!

If I send money to my Monzo account from another account/bank with the reference of the name of one of my pots, it would be useful if it went directly into that pot.

That’s a really great idea. It would be a potential way to bypass the need for account numbers on pots.

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Ohhh nice.

And if there is no matching Pot, dump it in the ‘main account’… yeah I like this!

Desperately need this, or similar…

I’ve seen this suggested before and I think it’s a great idea: Select a reference to automatically move money to pots

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But would obviously need a prefix or similar to avoid accidents.

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