Our next events in Manchester

Hi all!

I wanted to let everyone know about our next events planned in Manchester:

  1. Show and Tell: @jamesroutley and @kavi will be talking about exciting projects they’ve been working on, including the much discussed New Nav!

  2. How to Monzo social: the second of our personal finance meetups, this time focussed on meeting other Monzo community folks and talking about how to get the most out of Monzo

  3. Monzo Debates: a debate event themed around the juicy question of whether the sharing economy has benefitted the average consumer… Our last debate event was a huge hit and we’re excited to be bringing this event to MediaCity in Salford!

Bring your friends, family, and coworkers! :smile: The stronger we can make community in Manchester, the more we’re able to invest in continuing to run these kinds of events :muscle:


Do u no what date I would love to come down

Yes. I clicked on the link to find the date :+1:

Thank you

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The ‘How to Monzo’ link is a duplicate of the ‘Debates’ link :wink:

Thanks for the spot @mrkwse! Have fixed :grin:

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Hi Yen!

These upcoming events sound ace.

I was wondering if you’d be interested in doing any community events in Sheffield? Particularly with University students at The University of Sheffield. We’re looking to improve how students manage their money and many of them are already finding your service useful - an event to demonstrate how Monzo works and give any top tips on personal financial management would be great.

Let me know if you’re interested!

Was a great event on Tuesday thanks @yen @jamesroutley @kavi for putting it on and speaking!

Did a little write-up on it here, might be useful for anyone who’s interested in going to a future one and isn’t sure what to expect! :blush:


Hi @eleanorharris0! Stay posted, we’re in the middle of figuring out what happens next for Monzo events!

And thank you for coming out and for the lovely write-up @Nathaniel1 :grinning:

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Cardiff? :crossed_fingers:

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Oxford too :+1: