Monzo Debates


Before I start this is the first time I’ve opened a topic, so apologies if I have done it wrong!

Does anyone/ Monzonauts know if they are going to be any more debates?

I’ve seen quite a few events on the Eventbrite website but not any debates… I went to the ‘is cash dead’ one in April/ May time which was great but haven’t seen anything like that since?

That seemed to be very popular so I hope there is another one in the future :crossed_fingers:!

@cookywook- I thought you might know the answer to this, as you were the excellent presenter last time :smiley:

Hi Owen, glad you liked them!

We don’t have plans for any more Monzo events in the near future. But I’m with you: they’re lots of fun! So hopefully we’ll do some more in the future.

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Hi Richard,

Thanks for the update, Hopefully so! :slight_smile: