Monzo Logo Design Change?


I miss the old Making Monzo logo already. It had some sophistication, which the new one is missing - it’s just a bit too basic for the rest of the brand, I think.

I wonder if there are any other objectives behind this. Are you looking to phase out the :mondo: logo? Or invest more in the Monzo name?

(Jai Sullivan) #24

I like it! Does that mean changes here on the community and app logo too for further consistency? Is the Monzo logo still :monzo:? I feel like this has made it more inconsistent, although maybe it’s just me!

(Marcus Nailor, Hot Coral Detective) #25

Definitely love the :monzo: more than “Monzo” :see_no_evil:

If I had to summarise, without rambling… :wink:

I’d say that the new logo lacks personality - and that’s what I love most about Monzo :hot_coral_heart:

But I’m not trying to knock the designers who created this logo and decided it was good to go :speak_no_evil:


Tbh seeing “monzo” in profile thumbnail makes it easier to non customers to see it’s Monzo than an M.

(Jack) #27

I was just thinking this, the :monzo: makes more sense once the association has already been made or there’s room for them to be side by side.

(Colin Robinson) #28

Looks a bit ‘first direct’ to me!

(Jai Sullivan) #29

I’d love to see ‘M’ app icon variants in the colours of the new Monzo and Making Monzo profile photos to choose from :nerd_face:

(Marcus Nailor, Hot Coral Detective) #30

I know that many of us forum go’ers will know exactly what we’re talking about here… But for the benefit of those who don’t, here’s the rundown of what’s changed :slight_smile:

I like, and agree with, this quote! You can instantly see that it’s Monzo :eyes: but I think that it removes the personality and drops too many of Monzo’s brand colours :monzo:, thought it is incredibly simple and modern I still prefer “the big M” :yum:

New Monzo:


vs Old Monzo:


As for Making Monzo… :pensive: Damn Monzo, you dropped an amazing logo and replaced it with an inverse of the main (social) Monzo logo :scream: The sketchy/blueprint Monzo logo was playful and awesome! :hot_coral_heart: I believe it was designed by @kieranmch and it’s truly fantastic :heart_eyes:

New Making Monzo:


vs Old Making Monzo:


I know that Monzo are very receptive to feedback so I’m sure if there’s enough feedback of crazy people like me who love the old style :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: that we may see their return… But who knows what will happen :grin: I doubt that Monzo made the logo decision lightly :stuck_out_tongue:

After looking at the Facebook page, I can see that this logo is like Marmite… You either love it or hate it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: So what better way to find out which side wins than a poll? :wink:

  • I love it :hot_coral_heart:
  • I hate it, bring back the old one :monzo:

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(Myles Carey) #31

I’m interested to see if these colours are made the main Monzo colours. For example, will card designs eventually move over to Blue instead of hot coral now?

EDIT - I’m a Marketing Executive and we always say be consistent with logos etc hence why I am bringing up this point

(Emma (still not the app)) #32

Hate it with a passion. Monzo are different and that was reflected in everything. Just looks boring now

(Jai Sullivan) #33

This is what I mean though, is the ‘multi colour’ even the brand colours anymore? I go to Twitter, I don’t see them; I go to Facebook, I don’t see them; I look at my card, I don’t see them? OK, they’re still prominent on the header of the website, and the app, but it doesn’t shout consistency to me.

(Kenny Grant) #34

The white out text is nice, though a bit too small for social media logos. I prefer that to the old multi-coloured m and it is more versatile. You should either keep or get rid of the existing m though.

The dark blue background colour makes you look like a boring financial institution, not sure if that is the intention? Great colour for business banking cards, but not great IMO as the basis of your branding unless combined with other colours, and directly contradicts the colourful, playful look of the cards. Hoping you look at other brighter colours too.

(Splodf) #35

Could we have an option for:

“I’d be happy with a change, just not to that.”


(Jai Sullivan) #36

Apple are known for being quite unique — they have the simplest, straight forward logo you could have with little colour? I think it works brilliantly when something is very simplistic and professional looking. I’m sure I’m not the first to have heard Monzo being compared to Apple, in some ways :wink:

(Kenny Grant) #37

That would be my vote too. Not going to vote above due to that.

(Myles Carey) #38

It’s interesting you talk about it being professional looking. Is this the natural way forward to pave the way for Business accounts? Would it be “professional” to have a Hot Coral Business Card?


Good to see monzo catching up with the latest trends :wink:

(Jai Sullivan) #40

That’s a good point.

I just like really simple, clean and professional design that shouts ‘premium’ — I think this does that versus the multi colour logo. I’d also agree with the card colour, but I do love the hot coral (for personal cards, at least).

(Jai Sullivan) #41

Next will be changing from square merchant logos in app, to circular :wink: It’s always bugged me why payments from people are circle, yet others are square.

(Emma (still not the app)) #42

Isn’t that just doing something because that’s what everyone else does?