Monzo loan not showing on Experian

Hi everyone.

I got a 12 months loan from Monzo on July of 2019 but I still don’t see the loan being recorded on Experian and I’m not sure how I can find the issue…

I contacted Monzo a couple of months ago but I was told that everything is alright with my account and it should be working. I couldn’t find an easy way to get in touch with Experian, they just have an option to send me all they have on me, which I think would just estate what I already know, that they are not aware of my Monzo loan.

Is there a way to get the logs showing that Monzo successfully reported my loan to Experian and what was reported?

Is your account showing on Experian?

Mine still hasn’t shown up as yet, everything to do with the current account is available and correct

I don’t see it on Experian. I have to say that U have the free Experian account, not sure if what I can see is limited because of that.