Monzo Labs: Share Card Replacements 💳

This would be great as an item in the feed, and could even use crowdsourced data from users to keep it accurate (as location and merchant details do already).

I hope Monzo add this!

Any update on this?

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Yes. So the good news is we have backfilled all accounts with Mastercard - which is the process I mentioned takes a whole week running 24/7.

The bad news is, Mastercard found an issue on their end (more like I reported a bug on their end), which they will only be able to fix in January :roll_eyes:.

I know… A bit frustrating, and until then we won’t be able to update your card details for a merchant. As soon as they fix it, all I have to do is press a button


Hi @arthur-ceccotti,

Thanks for the update, it’s much appreciated.

About the bug you mentioned: does this also affect existing users of this feature, who have had the toggle on in Labs for ages, or is it only the newly uploaded card details which you mention in your post?


Unfortunately right now we had to turn this off for everyone. So even if you have the Monzo Labs feature turned on, the details won’t be updated when you replace your card.

Don’t worry about the state of your account though. It’s a tiny bug that hasn’t affected anyone negatively, apart from us having to disable this for now


OK - thanks for confirming the situation!

Does this only work for regular payments? Or for companies where I have just saved my card details for occasional use (like Airbnb?)

It should work for both of those (although not every merchant supports it).

Currently, the feature isn’t working at all, but it will be back soon (see above).


Is there any chance of publishing the full list of merchants :pray:t4:

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I don’t think it’s as easy as finding out which specific merchants are signed up. Where they use a third party to process payments, it’d be the payment processor that’s listed and provides the functionality to their clients (which could be hundreds).

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I mean seeing more of this list

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Hi @arthur-ceccotti,

Happy New Year!

I hope I’m not being too nagging, but now that it’s mid-January is there any update on this feature being brought back?

Or have Mastercard at least made some progress at their end?

I hope there is good news!



We’re still waiting for their go-ahead, but should be soon. We’ll probably write a blog post when it happens, so you’ll hear about it then :open_hands:


Sounds promising!

Thanks for the update :+1:

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I can’t wait for the day when I replace a customer’s card and they ask if they’ll have to update their details everywhere and I can say - it’ll automatically update in most places for you! Then point them towards the blog :heart_eyes: