Merchants that support sharing card replacements (Open Wiki)

Monzo’s just launched a new feature (it’s in Labs at the moment) to enable users to let merchants know that their card details have changed, after they receive a replacement. There’s more details here

Slightly awkwardly..


so I’ve created this wiki, which anyone can edit, for everyone to share merchants that do accept these updates.

Please add them below in alphabetical order:

The team’s received MasterCard Automatic Billing Updater messages about the companies with stars (*) before their name, before putting this feature in Labs, so they believe they do support this feature. Please remove the star once one the merchants have updated your details.

  • 1Password
  • Amazon (more details)
  • *Apple
  • *DreamHost
  • *EA swiss sarl
  • *Facebook
  • *Fasthosts Internet
  • *The Financial Times
  • Google
  • Google Pay (prompts for update upon new card)
  • GoDaddy Europe
  • *Graze
  • *Headspace Inc.
  • *Hulu
  • *LinkedIn
  • *Linode
  • *Lyft
  • *Microsoft
  • Netflix
  • *The New York Times
  • Now TV
  • PayPal (more details)
  • *Scribd
  • *Simplycook Ltd
  • *Sky
  • *Soundcloud
  • Spotify
  • *Strava
  • *Stripe
  • *Uber