Monzo Labs: Share Card Replacements 💳


That’s also a good idea. However, how would you deal with an automatic replacement for when an active card is about to expire?

(Michael) #64

Tried this, doesn’t seem to work. Getting emails from Spotify, Apple & Amazon to update my card details.

Is there a timeframe in which the card details are updated vs when the sites try to take the money?

(Billy) #65

Does this automatically re-route payments from friends that try and send you money via their bank accounts (Monzo and non-Monzo accounts)?

(Michael) #66

I would say no

This is about the sixteen digit number for the card as used for online payments, which changes when the card is reissued, as compared to the sort code and account number, which does not

(Sacha Zarb) #67

Good idea this and looks a great implementation, but not for me, card changes are good moments to clear out those recurring charges that I should have ended months ago

(Tim) #68

Did you turn the feature on in Labs before activating the new card?

How long ago did you activate it?

(Kieran) #69

Didn’t seem to work for me either. Ended up doing it myself.

Activated my card after I turned this feature on in labs.

(Stephen Clarke-Keating) #70

My feelings exactly. I’ve recently had this happen with Kickstarter despite not being opted in to this feature and it’s pretty unnerving. I’d never use it.

(Neil M) #71

Toggle of which merchants you want to re-authorise and which ones you don’t I think would be incredibly sensible


Amex have done this for years - albeit in a different way than Monzo & Mastercard do it.

Certain authorised retailers can charge your Amex account number (it’s the card number but without the last 4 or 5 digits which change on card replacement) rather than the card number and this avoids any issues when replacements are needed.


Cross posting here for reference:

Kickstarter could be (ab)using the Continuous Payment Authority system, which is different to this labs feature, as a way of increasing the likelihood of charging you successfully for a pledge when the pledge date and the charge date could be a long time apart.

(Michael) #74

Okay. Seems to be working on Spotify, it took a failed attempt or two for them to then be auto updated. I’ve not updated with Apple yet, and I don’t think they’re going to do it automatically.

Amazon I had to add it again manually - but that might be because I had to order something before it had updated.

I turned it on before ordering a new card, and before activating confirmed it was still active. Feel free to take a look at my account if you wish to identify if there’s any issues. :slight_smile:

(Michael) #75

Apple don’t seem to be complaining anymore, so I’m assuming that they’ve updated. So I think we’re good on this front.

The problem I think was probably that a lot of my payments were due out very close to the point at which I activated my replacement card … Therefore giving the illusion of it not working. I’m sure that in most cases this will just continue to work. :+1:

(Gus) #76

I wish it had existed when I ordered my Investor card.

(Alex Brooks) #77

Has anybody worked out how long this takes for vendors to update their systems? I activated my new card yesterday and had this labs feature turned on since mid-December.

Apple have started complaining at me today that I have an invalid card. I’m tempted to wait it out but can’t currently download anything from iTunes.

Also amazon and Netflix showing no change.

(Michael) #78

I saw no immediate (as in within a few hours) change in Netflix or anywhere else while having the Labs change on and activating my new Investor card

Updated it manually to avoid any issues

(Patrick) #79

GoDaddy didn’t work for me. Got a payment failure email recently for a failed renewal, had to update payment manually. Netflix, Spotify worked fine.

(Alex Brooks) #80

Do you recall timeframes? Immediately? Hours? Days?

(Patrick) #81

Lost my card on 16-Dec, got new one at some point that following week before Xmas. First used new card physically on 21-Dec.

GoDaddy failure email arrived on 1-Jan. Spotify and Netflix successfully charged my card recently after 1-Jan. I can’t tell at what point details changed, I just sat back and waited to see what would happened if I did nothing.

Uber failed before I received new card while lost one was frozen and I manually changed to a credit card to get me going. Cannot tell if it would have worked or not.

Edit: Also bought something from Amazon on 2nd and saved card was older one. Had to manually change there too.

(Michael) #82

As I put above, I don’t know the timeframes. I got a few warnings from Apple + Spotify about not being able to take payment, did nothing and eventually they stopped and charged the new card. Netflix took payment today without an issue.