Monzo Labs: Share Card Replacements 💳

(Richard) #83

Interesting one here - I requested a new investor card back in December and then switched on this labs feature when it first became available.

I haven’t gone around updating my details but just now I’ve had a notification that my Spotify subscription has been billed. I’ve logged into my account to check and once you skip past a few warnings about them not being able to take payment I can see that they have my new card details in there.

So two observations with this - it looks like this WILL work even if you switch the feature on after requesting a card, and it looks like with Spotify at least, they only detect the new card after trying and failing to take payment.

I’ve got Dropbox and Netflix due out soon so I’ll see what happens with them.

Edit: I just remembered that I had to update Netflix manually last month.
As for Dropbox, I’ve just logged into my account and I can see from the last 4 digits that they already have my new card details so it looks like that works too!

(Dan Baker) #84

Activated my new card yesterday. So far not received any notification of update. It hasn’t updated on Amazon or Paypal and Curve.

Didn’t expect Curve to work, but did expect the other two.

Edit: So far, absolutely nothing has seen to updated. Notably Amazon, Paypal, O2 and iTunes.

(Iain) #85

Paypal and iTunes didn’t work for me. Amazon order just made so will update depending on how that goes.

Seems like this is pretty spottily implemented by the industry at present.

(Simon) #86

Had the feature turned on and activated my new card.
So far i have had to update amazon manually as i needed to buy something.
Uber hasn’t updated and has been a week.
I will keep checking to see when it updates.


This didn’t work for me for any of my recurring payments/online accounts. Had activated in labs before ordering a new card.

Left it to see if a failed Spotify payment would force my card details to change but this didn’t make a difference. Also no change with Apple/GiffGaff/Uber etc.

It’s been over two weeks since I activated my new card and I have had the feature turned on in labs since it was released.


I’ve had the feature on since it appeared in Labs, ordered a replacement card end of December.
All my automatic payments failed, including Amazon, Spotify and Uber. No update anywhere, I had to manually change my details.

(Jack) #89

From what I understand they often fail in the first instance then when they are retried a few days later they work?

(Caspar) #90

Google just sent me this, so I removed their asterisk from the wiki. (Google Apps payment, not Google Pay or my card on Google Play store) It’s the first time someone’s updated me that they’ve changed my card details.

(lee) #91

Will this always be optional?

Can’t be the only one that’s had a company keep debiting money incorrectly and the only way to stop it was to cancel the card?!

(Peter Shillito) #92

Once it’s live and kicking, it should be a yes/no prompt when ordering a new card. I feel the same as several on here, I’d like to escape from dodgy subscriptions this way if necessary.

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(Rika) #93

That’s the eventual plan. :+1:

Generally, the idea is that we’ll make it an opt-in screen immediately or a feed item soon after choosing to replace a card for a non-fraud reason.

I think it’ll be a little while before it’s offered as part of the card replacement flow as this is still fairly experimental. We’d like to try seeing if we can improve its reliability on our end.


Opt in is a good idea. I’d also like to know which payments will be attempted and which won’t eventually. Possibly on the same screen as the opt-in.

(Lewis) #95

Know this is an old topic, but had this lab turned on, and when I activated my Monzo Plus card I tried adding it to Google Pay but it failed.

I suspected this was due to my old card being there, wasn’t sure if I should expect that to update - at first it looked like it could no longer be used however later it looked like it was available to use again despite having the old card number showing still.

After I deleted it I was able to add the new card.


I wonder if this’ll be out of labs soon or if they’re still refining it behind the scenes.


I have had this the last couple of cards I’ve had replaced. It seems to struggle with card swap. I usually end up with two copies of the same card in Google pay, both in various states of not working, and end up having to delete them both and start again which is a bit of a pain when you have subscriptions :neutral_face:

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(philip.mccreery) #98

None of this worked for me: Apple, Google, PayPal, Amazon - none of them automatically updated with the new card details. No emails from nobody. Nada.


I’ve had the same experience, doesn’t seem like any of the merchants I use regularly got updated with the new card details.

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That’s a shame to hear.