Monzo Labs: Share Card Replacements 💳

(Andre Borie) #43

If you’re replacing the card because of a nasty merchant that insists on charging you or makes cancelling difficult, an opt-out is definitely needed.

(Adam Kendrew) #44

Maybe just a prompt when entering your new card details? Such as “Monzo can let services like Google or Spotify know you’ve changed your card and update your details. Would you like us to do this for you?”.


You can DIY it by using thinners or isopropyl alcohol or something similar and removing the print on the card. I’ve done it myself after discovering it by accident.


Accidentally rubbing your debit card with thinners? Do you also light things on fire in your spare time? :man_scientist:


Haha, I was trying to clean some ink that had gone over the card and noticed that the printing on the signature area came off too.

(Patrick) #48

Lost card over the weekend. Just got new one today. Activating by tapping the phone on it, is a class touch :sunglasses:

I’ll keep an eye and see if my details are changed by all merchants, will report back with more info.

My Google pay is also not changing automatically, cannot manually add new card or delete the old one.

(Matthew) #49

I had this issue a couple days ago. It’s not to do with the Share Card feature. To resolve it I had to:

  • Cancel my active subscriptions in the Play Store (associated with my Monzo card)
  • Delete the card from my Payment Methods here on my Google Account

Hope this resolves it for you.

((╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻) #50

I had exactly the same problem as you @bhonobo and fixed it yesterday.

The solution is to click on the link to your Google account that @Matturl posted above. Once there you need to do the following:

  • Add your new Monzo card as a payment method
  • Set your new Monzo card as the ‘primary’ payment method
  • Delete your old Monzo card
  • Go into Google Pay and remove your old Monzo card

You should now be able to add your new Monzo card to Google Pay manually or use the ‘add to Google Pay’ button in the Monzo app.

Lastly… Notify @tjvr that here is another example of cards not automatically updating in Google Pay :wink:

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

(Jordan Taylor) #51

Spotify works.
Oddly I had activated my new card prior to enabling this feature in labs.
Payment came out this morning, checked Spotify’s billing section on my account, and the last 4 digits correctly matches my new card.

(Dan Baker) #52

Just ordered my new card. Both because I’d like the investor card and because of this. Interested to see what works and doesn’t work!


Have you ever known that to damage your credit rating?

(Andre Borie) #54

Not that I would care about it anyway, but I have never heard of anything paid by card that would damage a credit history. Usually anything touching credit history is paid by direct debit.

In any case, what happens with credit is between the user and the merchant. Monzo’s job is to let the user control their money - it’s up to the user to decide how to use these features and any consequences that may arise.


Well some merchants (such as mobile phone companies) will tell CRAs if you default because you changed your card details. As you say, nothing to do with Monzo, but still worth considering if you try and do that.

(Andre Borie) #56

Well some merchants (such as mobile phone companies) will tell CRAs if you default because you changed your card details

Usually you still start by paying via direct debit or something? I haven’t seen a mobile contract that lets you pay by card directly and actually expects you to pay or else they consider it as default. Most of the things paid by card are pay and go so if you stop paying your service just stops, which frankly is how it should be.


So I got my new card and activated it on the app, is there anything else I need to do to update the new card details with merchants?

So far it doesn’t look like any of them are using the new card number.

(MikeF) #58

Did you enable the labs feature first?


Ah. I just noticed there was a toggle to turn it on under lab settings.
I wonder if it will update merchants after I have already activated the new card?

(Marcel Ruhf) #60

You would have to have it toggled on before activating your new card.


This is a great feature giving some ease when it’s time to replace the card.

However, I will have to agree with some others in this forum that there needs to be an option to opt out. If this becomes a ‘default on’, everyone should be notified about this, perhaps from within the app with a notification in the feed, giving the option to opt out. I would ideally want to have the ability to not update participating merchants about my new card details and I’d rather manually update everyone.


I think an option to share the card replacement when a new card is activated would be best. Since that’s the only time you’d use the feature.