Monzo Labs: Pay anyone by text or email

(Nathan Steer) #163

This feature isn’t intended for Monzo to Monzo transfers, those can be handled more simply in the app. This is supposed to help bridge the gap a little for paying people that aren’t on Monzo.

(Bruce) #164

Understood. Thanks
Then an improvement suggestion would be when using ‘by message’ to notify monzo user to use monzo to monzo - or just redirect them to this setvice

(Jemima) #165

This feature is amazing & it works perfectly… Thank you so much :grin:

(Rob) #166

I wander if the wording should be more specific to say sign up to a “Monzo bank account” to ensure that old folks who aren’t Millennials or iGens, know instantly that Monzo is a bank, and maybe show the FCSC logo for reassurance

(Jamie 🏳️‍🌈) #167

I hate that FSCS logo. Every legacy bank has decided I need to see it on every app every time I want to check my balance. Most people don’t know what it means, and it’s another example of the herd mentality of broken banking. Get rid.

(Andy) #168

It’s the FSCS guidelines that dictate where the logo should be displayed by banks.

(Jamie 🏳️‍🌈) #169

Does that include the splash page for apps? Because it’s not universal, and seems overkill where it does appear.

(Andy) #170

Yes it does

(Jamie 🏳️‍🌈) #171

Well thankfully some companies (Monzo included) ignore that.

(Adam) #172

If it wasn’t displayed so prominently, I would never have signed up to Monzo as my main current account.

For some (me included), FSCS is needed for new banks as I don’t want to risk my money with them and then they fail.

In fact, the FSCS backing was the final deciding factor for me fully signing up. If it wasn’t there I would have used Monzo like a top up card.

(Rob) #173

Here’s my feed back so far:

  1. Definitely need to be able to cancel the payment, not even the help people seemed to be able to do it today
  2. Seems to keep the link generated in your feed even if you don’t end up sending it. This is confusing as if you are scrolling contacts and acidently press the wrong person when you press back you end up back in the main Monzo page and it looks like you sent the payment but you didnt, and as this isn’t clear you think it must have sent it to the wrong person. Anyone else had this issue?

(Jack) #174

Add the bank logo based off the sort code they enter? Similar to when setting up a new payee.

(Michael) #175

Great idea. The information and approach is mainly available, so hopefully it could be moved across

(Jack) #176

I must admit I got this mixed up with the other day and ended up giving someone £150 rather than receiving it :joy:

(Jamie 🏳️‍🌈) #177

Hmm. That’d only ‘verify’ the bank, and in some cases you’d need just the first two digits of the sort code to produce a false ‘positive’ verification. It might be entirely possible to make a mistake on any of the remaining 12 digits and still send money to the wrong account.

Personally I’d steer clear of anything which seems to verify the numbers entered by the payee as it wouldn’t solve the issue of someone else’s mistake losing me money, and might even make the payee less cautious.

(Jack) #178

I understand that it’s just a helpful mechanism that monzo already use in the app which can be used elsewhere.


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There’s been some really interesting chat about whether Monzo should start a separate app for payments - a bit like Venmo or WeChat. I’ve split those out into a separate thread here:

Let’s keep this one focused on Labs feedback - hope that’s okay!

(Adam Kendrew) #199

Tried to use this earlier with my sister (who does have a Monzo account, but doesn’t use it).

I sent her the link via text, she entered her email address and I got a notification to say she will receive the money when they sign up? However, the payment is still showing as pending and she wasn’t prompted for any bank details. I’m not sure what option she clicked, but I would assume she’s pressed ‘sign up to Monzo’ instead?


It sounds like it from the notification you got.

She shouldn’t have had to enter email address if it was just a payment coming to her, just her bank details.

What was the reason you chose to use this rather than just send it to her Monzo account and let her send it somewhere else from there? Just to be nice? I only sent a sibling of mine money to their Monzo, until they gave in and started using it. They thanked me this Christmas as they now love it, just needed more motivation to use it.