Monzo Labs: Pay anyone by text or email


Agreed. Your copy example is much clearer.

(Paul) #144

Much better and so much clearer. Well done Monzo!

(Paul) #145

Ooh what about an iMessage integration to this too? Would work really well

(Ben) #146

Thank you @robinb for listening to all the feedback on the button design. The new iteration and generally you guys taking our feedback on board really warms my cockles.

(Nick) #147

Much improved! If I’m honest, I would still like to see “Sign Up to Monzo” de-emphasised a touch to help channel people towards the most likely option, but this is a thousand times better than the original version and it’s great to see Monzo taking this feedback on board.

(Adam) #148

Used it again tonight to pay my share of a takeaway to my brother, so have some feedback… (On Android)

The fingerprint request then pressing a button to get the link is a bit clunky. Would it not make sense to take you straight to the link once I’ve authenticated with my fingerprint rather than get me to press on a button after?

Also, I clicked on the wrong option to share and pressed the back button to find that I couldn’t access the link, so had to generate a second one. This was just a bit counterintuitive! Dunno what the answer is to improve this.

(Liam) #149

That looks excellent. :slight_smile:

Despite my complaining, I did have a perfect time to use this last night with a friend and it worked perfectly.

With the redesign I wouldn’t hesitate to use it again.


This is looking much better than the first iteration :raised_hands::blush:. Really good that the feedback was taken onboard.


Much prefer this to the initial version :+1:

However would suggest being more neutral (less presumptuous) with the text referring to the £10 reward. Perhaps…

“Get an extra £10 if you sign up to Monzo”


What’s wrong with the current version? I’m fairly sensitive to these things but seems spot on?


I think “when” has the remnants of pushiness, or perhaps more fair to say nudging, about it and being entirely neutral with the instructions (it’s almost there already) would be better


Crikey. I think we should probably allow Monzo some marketing. They have to make money some how. And this is super super minor!


Not sure where I’m suggesting they shouldn’t do marketing. I’m saying I think changing a word would improve the the tone. I also disagree considering the impact of a word is super super minor. But probably time to move on and leave it to Monzo to decide how they feel about the feedback.

(Paul) #156

I’m welcoming the upcoming changes. I tried this out last night with my sister in law and it failed. I later found out she pressed the ‘sign up’ button instead and when I suggested she tries the other option the message said the money had been claimed. It hadn’t. I asked for her bank details instead and did a transfer.

(Jolin) #157

Looking good, thanks for sharing! Two bits of feedback:

  1. There’s a spelling mistake on the last screen: “canceled” should be “cancelled”

  2. How does the second screen already have the recipient’s bank details? If you already have them, wouldn’t you just do a normal Faster Payment?

(Alessio Piergiacomi) #158

she pressed the ‘sign up’ button instead and when I suggested she tries the other option the message said the money had been claimed.

The error was shown because your sister probably submitted her email after clicking the sign up button: at that point the payment is associated with the email and can no longer be claimed by inserting the bank details.

If your sister completes the signup with that email before the link expires, then she will receive another payment from your account :disappointed_relieved:

(Paul) #159

Thanks for the explanation Alessio. I think as it stands it’s a bit complicated for those who don’t have an interest in banking or tech so much. I think the new iterations will help greatly.

(Brian Moran) #160

Feedback I’ve used this feature today which is my second time using it. The first time was to my mum who’s phone number was saved in my contacts and it worked fine, today I used it with a work colleague who’s number I didn’t have saved so when I shared the link I had to enter the number. The message appeared on my colleagues iPhone as a text message but the link was not clickable. In order for the link to work I had to copy all the text, remove the text saying that I wanted to pay the person and copy the link into Safari, if I wasn’t sitting next to this person they’d of probably said it didn’t work as they weren’t very tech savvy. So far though it’s an amazing feature which I love.


We used this on Christmas Day. The recipient got the message, entered their accounts details and then got an error song to contact the sender. We both had a look and the money had been sent and received. Strange.

(Bruce) #162

I personally think that as monzo is a business, with competitors doing all kinds of things to grow market share, prioritising opening a monzo account is a sensible idea. I think if a receiver is like WTF- a positive conversation can come out of it. I do see the point for larger transactions and more serious customers who would not find this enticing.

Though Monzo have paid for the development so it needs to reap some ROI.

May have been mentioned before, but there is clearly a bit of an issue with mobile transfers for many, look at PAYM… everyone I showed this to found it truly amazing, but only a few had heard of it before or new how to activate.

Again may have been mentioned, but now having tried the service over WhatsApp on iOS, the receiver clicks on the link and is taken to a URL asking for them to sign up, even though they bank with monzo and have the monzo app working. Is this expected behaviour or are the links / hooks broken for some?