Monzo Labs: Ordering Accounts and Pots

Here’s how the edit button looked for me, straight after I enabled the feature.


If there’s a vote going on for the account total.

Hidden pots are hidden from the total. Real account total revealed in the “edit” screen

I vote for hidden pots total to be included in the total. That allows me to hide my scheduled payments pot, which I don’t need to see but still see how much money I have in my Monzo accounts overall.


Someone will suggest a toggle any minute now



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Let’s do a quick poll! I can’t guarantee we will implement the result, but it would be great to figure out the general sentiment.

How should the total amount work with hidden pots?

  • Hidden pots are removed from the total amount
  • Hidden pots remain in the total amount

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@robinb Thanks for the response, It seems there’s a few +1s for it already which hopefully is promising.

Is there an issue with giving people a choice? I know we don’t want an app full of toggles but surely given we have an edit screen solely for this particular feature, a toggle in there for “Hide Hidden pot Balances from total” would be the perfect solution in this scenario?

I was a bit sceptical of a legislative reasoning so thanks for clearing that up.

I think this just falls down to why would be people want to hide pots, I sort of see this as a fundamental, but like I said before I can see it from both sides.

Thanks for your work on this :slight_smile: I’ll keep my fingers crossed for enough interest on the balance thing

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I want it in the total.

I want to see how much money I have overall. Not have to unhide all the pots to see my current wealth across all pots.


Now that we finally have this… what next? Lol

?Dark mode? :crossed_fingers:


Has to be payments tab, surely?

Especially now that in order to transfer funds to/ from a hidden pot, you have to unhide, transfer, re hide (unless you use salary sorter). Not great UX…


I had this overlap issue too on first use.


If a pot is hidden, will a standing order or Salary Sorter to the hidden pot still work?

Yep, all works as normal

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Are we confident this will be in the App Store update on Monday?

Yeah i cant see why not.

Should be, yes. Will still be in Labs mind not released, if that makes sense.

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I think the biggest thing I’d like, is the ability to put money into this pot without having to unhide the pot, then transfer, then hide it again … any scope for how we can do this @robinb, I understand I could use Salary Sorter, but that won’t help when I am waaaay ahead of my budget and want to move money out to remove the temptation.

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That would be a tricky balance to get right.

It would need to be visible to be able to add money to it but too much visibility and it would defeat the purpose as you’d see the name and be reminded :grimacing:

I guess it would need an ‘add money to pot’ button that shows the same interface as the salary sorter. This is just a list of pots, including hidden ones, without seeing any balances.

Or in the current pot transfer page, the ability to click on the card/pot to change the source/destination :eyes:
Would allow pot<->pot transfers.

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