Monzo Labs: Connected Credit Cards

Not heard it mentioned explicitly by Monzo, but see no reason why not. Fits well within the purview and intent of this activity

@Jami I’m getting this error this morning on my HSBC linked card. I had to reconnect, get the success message and then when redirected goes to this.

It’s right next to the list of active projects, to the left of the finished projects list which is buried under the pile of ‘we thought we’d finished this but out customers don’t think so’ lists which, frankly, are beginning to smell… :wink:


Hey - that looks like a temporary issue on TrueLayer’s side - usually it’s a case of retrying a little bit later and it’ll work. Hope this helps!


Connecting to other Current Accounts is definitely part of the long term plan here. Most likely it’ll be something we look at once the Open Banking deadline has passed, the dust has settled a bit, and we can connect to both Current Accounts and Credit Cards with the same APIs.


I’d love to see MBNA and jaja added to the list of credit cards that can be viewed.


+1 for MBNA…


+1 for Very Store Credit and +1 Paypal Credit.

Any news or update on Amex integration? Just got rid of my Tandem card and got my Amex card so I was wondering when I could tinker about with new integration.

There’s no news on anything expected for a while.

The deadline for the banks to release their APIs is in September. After that, once the dust has settled a bit, then Monzo will start to look at what’s involved in integrating whatever has been released. Thus, I wouldn’t expect any news until the last quarter this year at the earliest.


Makes sense, cheers for that man!

The silence is deafening regarding the api’s though (and no-one ahead of schedule, really!?) I wouldn’t be surprised if we’re due another deadline pushback.

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We’ve heard from TrueLayer a week or so ago that they’re now set up with Credit Card APIs for Lloyds group, RBS group, and Nationwide (Amex and Barclaycard are still in progress).

We’re still waiting till closer to September before coming back to this and switching over to the open banking connections.


Sounds promising! It also sounds like some earlier progress (potentially) than had been offered in the past which is good news.

Super excited for an Amex integration - the Amex app is painfully basic :weary:

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Hey Jami - is this including the work on transaction information? Thought now the new design is starting to settle that might be the next step soon?

Let’s be honest, Amex are one of the best compared to the other credit card company apps


I can’t say I’ve tried any others, but I guess I should be glad then :flushed:

Hi All, has this feature been removed as I cannot see an option to link my Barclaycard. I have the latest version of the app…

Try searching help in the app there should be a link to connect in that section.

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