🔜 Monzo Credit card or integration with third parties

Hi to everyone at Monzo, the best company in the world from what I can tell.

As a developer :ok_hand:t2:
As someone who’s trying to be financially savvy :ok_hand:t2:
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I love to use the budgeting tools in the Monzo app. It’s really helpful to me. The problem is that I need to build credit too… and I use my credit card a lot for general spending which means I can’t easily keep track of it like I can with Monzo.

So Q:

Will you guys ever be making a credit card that would integrate into the banking app like Barclays do with the Barclay card?

Or… Would Monzo ever integrate third party banks into the app? Would awesome if I could use my credit inside of Monzo. Would be massive for helping me keep track of my finances!

Anyone got any thoughts, links, ideas, info on this?

They’ve already started work on third party integrations. Progress so far can be found here:

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