Monzo Labs: Bills Pots 🍯

You won’t be able to pay a bill from a locked pot, or lock a pot with a bill coming from it.


You can however select a locked pot for a direct debit right now, which will presumably blow up a bit later

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I assume not, but what about interest-paying pots?

This is fab, really easy to set-up too.

I have a Direct Debit coming out tomorrow, so really good timing, it’ll be tested overnight and I’ll submit any feedback here :+1:

Well done Monzo :mondo: and all the hard working staff :clap:

Update: All worked perfect. The money was taken from my Bills Pot into my main account and the Direct Debit was taken from my main account all in the same minute.

My only small issue is I now have 2 entries, In & Out for each direct debit/Standing order, and if you have a few at the same time it could become messy, where if the payment was taken direct from a Bills Pot (as a separate account etc) this wouldn’t happen :man_shrugging:

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You can not pay a bill from a savings pot at this moment sorry

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Sorry. Bit of miss information. You can pay a bill from a locked pot :confetti_ball: So you can lock away your rent money and it will come out automatically when its time to pay.


Will this feature be available for iOS in TestFlight before Tuesday? Keen to try in next day or so as next DD isn’t due for a couple of weeks.

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This is on my todo list - we currently don’t adjust Summary for Bills Pots payments but I’ll be fixing it soon!


Created a new pot, added in all my direct debits to it, set up a scheduled payment into it for after pay day and added in just enough to cover the remaining two direct debits for this month

All very slick. Congrats to the team

Only suggestion based on the above would be that an expected total for the pot would have saved me cracking out the calculator


Weird that you’re not getting an answer for this.

Sorry team. Just working on getting the correct answer for you.


Thank you! This make such a huge difference to me. Especially when SOs are incorporated. My left to spend is always inaccurate because I already like putting my bills in a pot to one side.

scheduled pot deposits currently happen after standing orders go out - however if its a common issue then it can be changed.


Any interest on cash sat in the bill pot? If not, this feature potentially costs people money.

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There’s no interest on money sat in your main account so it should make no difference?


We do not currently offer interest on the balance of any pots that are not savings pots sorry.

Love it thanks guys. Couple of issues I just had:

  • I created a new pot, then hit ‘pay from this pot’ on the new pot and nothing happened. Scrolling across to other pots and clicking it didn’t work on those pots either. Close the app and re-open and all worked as intended.
  • When I could click on pay from this pot, it took me to my scheduled payments screen, I selected one, and then it gave me the option to select a pot to pay it from. I feel like this last step should be skipped when you’ve already come from the pay from this pot button.

Hope it helps!


Is this going to speed up the ability to edit standing orders to pots at all? I’d imagine this will make edits more frequent :neutral_face:


Thanks for this feedback. We are aware of the first bug and are working on fixing it. We are also aware that the second point is not an optimum experience and will be improving this over time :blue_heart:


I had the 1st issue as well, but couldn’t work out steps to consistently make it happen