Monzo is for mugs!

Regular mug plus


I second stickers! I would love to add a Monzo ‘M’ to my laptop lid :wink:

They’ve already got the mug design, I just wish they’d sell it. If they don’t want to sell it, please give us the original, high quality file so we can get our own mugs ordered with it on <3



Monzo mugs are great. You don’t tend to take clothing merch to work but mugs are a must. Around meeting tables, desks, cupboards. People will see it and ask, what’s Monzo? Cue free sales pitch from loyal customers :smiley:

Mad how we love our bank enough to buy merch and wear branded gear! I never foresaw this!


I got some official Monzo stickers recently. It seems like they’re quite rare so I’m spending far too long thinking of the best place to stick these :laughing: (they are very high quality too)

Open to suggestions if anyone has any!



Definitely a +1 for the mug.

I would also like a mug. The t-shirts and hoodies look nice but are on the pricey side for me.

Awesome! Thanks for that – I’ll have to give some spare stickers to friends :wink:

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Sadly you missed out on the $1 offer but hopefully that helps!

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It looks like the bottom is lined up but the top isn’t - It’s messing with my eyes!! :crazy_face: :rofl:

Id actually like a Monzo mug for work… lol! __

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Yeah, I didn’t get it quite on straight!

Where did you get these! :hushed:


I’m now pledging to rein in my sarcasm and belligerent nature in the hope I can become Coral Crew and get me some of this sweet, sweet swag. I think it might be well worth the effort.


One of my top liked posts (can someone make it 20?):

Seems like they’ve heard my desperate pleas- Christmas has come early for me :hot_coral_heart:


So lucky!

So jealous!

Sell it. Will be worth more then the shares!

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