Monzo investor card - design concept (By Brice Corbin)

(Splodf) #63

Ahh! Rodatod!

(Simon Beattie) #64

Really nice!

(James Prince) #65

Hi thank you for you’re response.

I don’t think it would necessarily take much time or resources to come up with a concept such as this.

Monzo already benefit by the fact that they have such active supporters that provide design concepts for them already which they can choose to take aspects from.

But yes, in the mean time. This should not be a priority for the firm. Just a good way to promote and advertise the brand.

(James Prince) #66

Any new opinions on the Monzo Investor card design?

(Alex Mayo) #67

I like it, but again it’s not got the :monzo: flair.

Monzo is taking over the fintech universe with their hot coral ads and card designs. It’s difficult to miss, and always a pleasure to look at. I don’t see them changing it anytime soon, and if they did I don’t see them using anything other than hot coral, dark blue and colours within their logo.

Too much time and effort including design, community opinions, MasterCard approval, cost, production, distribution would go into changing their card design, with little gain. They did it in the past, but mostly for operational reasons such as “Mondo” > “Monzo” and updating the MasterCard logo.

I personally think cards are fine as they are. Current account cards are hot coral. Investor cards have ‘investor’, and I imagine business cards having ‘business’ on them.

It’s a simplistic design that works, no need to over-complicate things for purely aesthetic gain :grin:

(S Lee) #68

Looking sleek!!

(Amy Tipton) #69

I like it.
However I’m happy to keep my existing monzo until it runs out.
We don’t need any more plastic waste.

(James Prince) #70

Yes I think you have a valid point. Do you not think it would benefit Monzo on a publicity perspective?

(Amy Tipton) #71

Personally I think there are alternatives.
I mean no one sees my card apart from me so unsure how a new card in my purse would market the product. I joined due to word of mouth.
As I said Its great concept but id be dissapointed if i had a new card prior to my current cards expiry date. I feel its a bit of a waste.

(MikeF) #72

You’ll get an Investor card next time your card is replaced. You won’t get one earlier unless you specifically request one.

(Amy Tipton) #73

That makes perfect sense. :blush:


I think moving away from the current hot coral, and the recognition it is gaining, would harm, not help, publicity. A lot easier for non monzo people to only have one thing to associate with the brand than two at this point.

(James Prince) #75

Yes , that is very true.

(S Lee) #76

I think i’ll just wait until the replacement comes. I read somewhere that each replacement is approximately £3.5 to Monzo. Saves a bit cash for Monzo and save plastics for the environment!

(Bob Bradshaw) #77

Moor red and less black I like my card to stand out from the rest like my original one nice design but too much black


Being a fan of the hot coral colour, I think the investor card is just fine as it is.

Considering the card can be obtained from buying a single share, I don’t think it should be too flashy. The small ‘investor’ tag on the current card is more than enough in my opinion :blush::ok_hand:

(Sean) #79

Was £2.50

(S Lee) #80

Ah, thanks for clarifying.


I don’t like this design at all.

(John M Phillips ) #82

I think there should be different invested cards for different stages. Or I have invested in every round. That’s just my thought anyway. Something that will stand out for the original investors