Monzo investor card - design concept (By Brice Corbin)

(James Prince) #43

Yes great response from everyone on the design. Hopefully the Monzo team may consider it in the future.

(Jemima) #44

I really like it, especially the ‘M’ instead of Monzo, but I think more Coral & less black. Or alternatively it would be nicer to use one of the other corporate colors from your logo colour palette? And, I agree that the word Investor isn’t needed :slight_smile: but lovely simplistic design.

(Andy Hughes) #45

I like it, but it’s not Monzo

(Ramadevan Ramachandaran) #46

Maybe Monzo should launch a competition who can come up with unique design and maintaining the hot coral colour.

(dragosM) #47

That is a fantastic idea :100: :+1:

(dragosM) #48

Hello there :wave:

I believe :thinking: this is a very nice example of an Investor Card. I do know that this is a concept and you still need a lot more on the actual card to make it work but it is a good starting point. :man_shrugging:

Simple + Elegant + Fresh + High Tech = Monzo :wink:

I found theme here

(Callum) #49

Would love a metal card for investors, similar to what Revolut offer…

(Edward) #50

Tungsten core + Coral cladding. I’d happily pay a premium for card issues (and reissues) to cover the cost of a non-plastic card.

(Gareth Lowrie) #51



I guess I must be one of the few that doesn’t like it. It seems too… corporate :thinking:



It’s fine. Doesn’t really look like a Monzo card — the black isn’t a Monzo colour at all.

I don’t really get why card designs are a big deal, honestly; it’s a piece of plastic (occasionally metal) that lives in your wallet. I think more than a few of us don’t even get it out that much anymore — I’m more or less exclusively an Apple Pay user.

I also don’t think that making a luxury Monzo card for investors is a very Monzo thing to do. It also would take time away from stuff like making the app better, which seems like a waste.

(MikeF) #54

The investor card is already a thing, this is just a playground thread for theoretical alternative designs.


Oh yeah. I mean, going so far as to design something that’s drastically different to the main Monzo card. Seems like it’d take a lot of design resources, y’know?

(Nathan Steer) #56

No it wouldn’t, those are different teams. From my experience as a dev, you generally want to keep devs as far away from any form of design as you can :joy:

(Andy Beard) #57

Like it - very posh :slight_smile:

(Mike) #58

Got a thumbs up from me! :+1:

(Andy Hughes) #59

But the design team surely aren’t sitting around twiddling their thumbs because they have nothing better to do…

(Nathan Steer) #60

Yh, that’s true, and occurred to me too after I’d woken up and sobered up a little.

Although, I still feel like other work wouldn’t be majorly impacted by designing a new card. You could give 1 designer a day or two to put some concepts together, which wouldn’t have too big of an impact on anything else.

Where I currently work, we have “innovation time” once per fortnight, where you work on little personal projects that could go towards improving the business. I assume that Monzo may have something similar, and if they do, this could be done as someones project in that.

(Andy Hughes) #61

They do (or did) indeed have “Monzo Time”. I’d forgotten all about this, so who knows, maybe something will pop up one day. :+1:t3:

( #62

Finally remembered what that reminds me of.