Monzo investor card - design concept (By Brice Corbin)

Thats why its fantastic we all have different opinions. I also must say that I am open to change and that’s what I like about this monzo community aspect of the firm.

If anything becomes very popular i.e. gets many replies/likes then the further up the chain the info will be sent - allowing the heads of the firm to analyse public opinion and assess whether its worth adapting certain parts of the firms activities to comply with popular opinion.


The original looks OK but the black is a little too ‘first direct’ for me and I’ve lived with their cards for too many years. I’d prefer something a little more different if I were to ever have a say in such things.

Ooh I do like that

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Love the look of that,
Deffo agree the Monzo logo is all that’s needed instead of the name - everyone knows the logo :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Love it :heart_eyes:

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Any chance of changing the black to the four colours of the Monzo logo, as four fifferent designs?


Now that would be lovely.

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I’m hoping :crossed_fingers:

Maybe one for joint, one for investor, one for business :man_shrugging:

I can hope, dream… right?!


I love it. Really.

I’ve been thinking about this. I think it’d be perfect for business accounts. :+1: :office: :monzo: :credit_card:


This is the first time a community submitted concept for a card design has made me stop and look twice. It’s beautiful. Still in keeping with the hot coral, but with an elegance that says “I’m special again” (since hot coral cards aren’t nearly as exclusive as they once were - congratulations on that one though Monzo, it’s testimony to your success)

Nice work, hope the Monzo crew take this one on.


It would be better if it was all metal, like the new Revolut card.


Love it, when do we receive it

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I second a metal card!

There’s something about holding a cold, solid card that puts a smile on your face and really makes it feel “premium”.

Obviously cost becomes a little more of an issue with this, however.


yes I definitely think Monzo should take a look!

I hate it :-1: as I believe it will split the community up. The difference between Monzo and other banks is then community right? All other banks single out users and create a black card. That is not the way to go!

The people that invested this year might not be the same people that will invest 2 years from now. But all of us are part of the same community.

The Investor card should be very subtle and the Hot Coral Brand should not be replaced.


The concept is really nice but, as many already said, it reminds me a “business” account card (the “serious” black side) .
Being an investor myself, I was expecting something more “fresh” (sea blue that goes well with Coral magenta :wink:) I love the “M” logo, but I think that the “investor” tag should be placed somewhere on the front side.

It’s a lovely design, but i think the coral colour becomes a little too ‘back seat’.

And i also feel the M logo is less effective marketing than the word Monzo on the card.

Also don’t like having the word investor either. . .



I agree about the name but I think the fact the other colour is black makes the coral still stand out a lot


I love all the ideas, especially the first one, but I think we’ll have a tough time getting Monzo to move away from the trademark pure hot coral!