Monzo in the media

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I actually can see the issue here, but I believe it’s up to the individual to make the decision.

There is nothing to stop any other bank’s overdraft being used to buy stocks and shares, so I don’t see why this would be any different.

(Andy Hughes) #65

I don’t think that this is a problem unique to Monzo? Anyone can go into their overdraft anytime and spend the money however they want, responsible or not.


Discussed here;


This morning on BBC Breakfast News Tom (CEO variety) said much the same, it is up to the individual to decide and anyway the alternative, stopping all overdrafts for a week, was madness. R-

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Hey Matt,

I’ve moved your post here to an ongoing discussion for the same topic, hope you don’t mind :slight_smile:


Can you remember what time?

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Just basically the use of the word “to” means, not even implies, just means “in order to”.

Which is just incorrect. Plain and simple.

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Between 6:30 and 7


Ahh that’s annoying, iPlayer doesn’t go back that far in the live stream :frowning:

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I personally didn’t watch it, my partner did though.


Being an older person (roughly 2 x usual Monzo demographic) I was up this morning in time to see Tim on BBC Breakfast Business giving an interview about Monzo. Good to see the CEO in action and giving a face to this bank. Don’t see that from other banks very often do you? (Well, apart from B of E maybe). R-


So what was he talking about? Did he impress or was It one of those where he was just getting grilled for some reason or other? When the media give airtime they always have to throw in a good grilling for the sake of fairness, “other banks are available” and all that.

If people aren’t aware there’s a whole world of interviews and chats with Tom online going back to GoCardless and even some other startups before that. I really enjoy watching him as he is a really interesting person. I can’t work out if he is a genius or has a mental illness. When he’s asked a difficult question he stares maniacally at the ceiling, waits an awkward amount of time and then comes out with some visionary answer.

He seems a bit posh and boring but then he has that Silicon Valley ‘shoot from the hip’ thing going on and fires out some crazy quotes.

My favourite quote of his is “My goal is to destroy NatWest Bank, because I hate those b@stards” :hot_face: Definitely the coolest CEO I know of! :sunglasses:

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I’ve seen most bank CEOs on the news wether that’s video or radio at some point or another over the last year or so. I guess it just depends what they’ve got to share and if the media is interested in hearing it. In terms of Monzo they are a hip cool disruptive brand so Tom is more likely to get air time than some others I guess

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You’ve never seen T-Mobile CEO John Legere then!


I have not. I’ll be sure to have a watch! :grin:


The interviewer asked

  1. If the newspaper report about Monzo lending money to us in order to buy shares next week was true.
  2. What was stopping folk moving from the big 4.
  3. Was CASS safe/reliable

I thought he came over very well, and I felt proud to be part of Monzo.



The slot I saw was the Business News with Ben around 06:50. R-

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Why was Tom wearing a suit? That’s just confused me now

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The article was a hatchet job, but that’s nothing new for The Times and their ilk. They’ve been on a steady decline towards the gutter for many years now.

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On that latter point, well discussed both specifically for The Times and more generally over at WoS many times: