Monzo in the media


Blog post on above is now live;

(Phil) #88

A smart and timely response from Tom.
He is reiterating what has been stressed a number of times within the forum, from Monzo staff and elsewhere around the topic: that borrowing money for investing is not encouraged.

It’s frustrating that journalists would assume that those on the forum are not using good judgement in making financial decisions.


Has the online headline change or is it just inconsistent?

(Jonathon) #90

Changed but the meaning remains. They need to remove that implication “to” from their headlines.


I also can’t see anyone ‘attacking’ Monzo or implying they’re offering loans specifically for shares (except from The Times itself hah). :man_facepalming:

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Here’s the iPlayer link as nobody’s posted it yet, with the start time for the segment baked in (45m7s) - available until tomorrow at 9:15am apparently

Has Tom got a tiny Hot Chip lapel pin?!

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Dammit. I thought it was bad enough my wanting a Monzo mug, but now I want one of those pins too :sob:

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:flushed: :flushed: maybe we are a cult after all :thinking:

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Would love to have seen that


I haven’t actually seen it myself yet so hope the link works.

Although are you in South Africa? Not sure if bbc iPlayer will work for you.

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Ooohhh… Thank you :grin: I will try it out and let you know :wink:
Yes still in SA at the moment… Will be jetting my way over there in just over two weeks :rocket::grin:


I’d love to take credit for the link but another poster made it available, so credit to them.

Welcome to the U.K.! (when you get here :slightly_smiling_face:)

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Aai… Can’t watch it anyhow… Can only access from the UK :pensive: Never mind.


Oh no :slightly_frowning_face: sorry to hear that


I can understand the confusion and see some logic in the journalists point of view. A bank which so fervently attempts to push a gambling block is potentially allowing people who are in an overdraft and maybe not in a financially stable position to buy shares. This is working on a lot of assumptions and in my view a misunderstanding of overdrafts.

I know a lot of people, myself included, who have money saved in easy access savings and apps such as chip etc who would rather take a small hit (if at all) for using their overdraft than remove savings and lose good interest rates.

Ultimately, we are all adults. If people want to use an overdraft to buy shares, let them. I do not think anyone should be barred from doing so.

(Michael) #102

They pushed really hard on that headline though. Must know where the exact line for libel is as they skirted close

(Sacha) #103

Looks like The Times are doubling down on their article from yesterday.

Here’s a link I can send as a subscriber so you don’t need to register to view -

(Will) #104

The Times are going #FullMonzo today, but not in a good way…

As well as the double-down in the business section that @sacha linked to above , the lead article in the Money section is about Monzo winning the Which? survey and yet they couldn’t help but focus on the “controversy” that The Times themselves have generated…

Link below (again with a sharing token so you shouldn’t need to register to view):

(Andy Hughes) #105

And more from The Guardian


@sacha , Thanks for the article.

I agree with the sentiment of many above, any publicity is good publicity.

Good job Tom and the team for sticking to your guns!