Monzo in the media

Which one is that? Can’t say I’ve really noticed a tendency to focus comparison on one particular entity.

Apologies meant more in that article which appeared to be banging on about Lloyd’s and I typically see more stuff about Halifax/ BoS/ Lloyd’s which are obviously all under Lloyd’s Banking Group - HSBC/ NatWest/ Santander I see much much less off in terms of comparisons (but could just be what I’m reading!)


Exactly. Monzo has money in vs money out. They make a small income or expense from each transaction. If every customer had £1,000 coming in every month, and withdrew it from ATMs, Monzo would go bankrupt.


Nothing too new in this article, with Tom’s lines similar to his Investival take:

The thing that troubles me though, is that he appears to have an awkward sidewards-on approach to laptop use:


Agree, and typing with just one hand is going to take him ages!

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No wonder Joint Accounts take a while to finalise it’s offerings :joy:


Is that his hand or is someone off camera showing him how to computer?


This headline caught my eye… :eyes:

… but there’s nothing new. I was expecting an insider-reveals-all scoop. But no.


Had a good chuckle :joy:

Well at least we get some business account figures…

“but Monzo is still preparing to take on Starling directly with its own business accounts. Its head of marketing says the firm has already signed up 20,000 people to a waiting list for the accounts.”


I’m tempted to register, looks like Starling have relinquished it. :moneybag::rofl:


Was monzo on BBC watchdog or ripoff Britain?

Found an old post (Oct 2018) about Monzo being mentioned, in a positive way I think, but nothing more recent. Nothing on BBC Watchdog.

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Thought I’d duplicate this link here as well as the N26 topic, as there are lots of people with an interest in Monzo’s growth watching this topic (and Monzo also get a mention in the article). Could be very relevant to Monzo as their valuation has tracked N26’s in previous rounds (albeit delayed).


This caught my eye this morning:


No - I did bring this up on the Trust Pilot page - and people confirmed it was not on that episode or any recent epiosde


“In addition to 1.5% interest on their balance, and access to exclusive offers, our new Monzo Plus customers can now add AXA travel insurance at a competitive rate.”

Be interesting to see how it compares.

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Whilst I know that Monzo and Starling are going to be on top - I never really understood how NatWest and RBS score differently when their apps are the same with just different branding, same with Lloyd’s and Halifax and HSBC/FD

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I don’t know about the other pairs you mentioned, but the HSBC and First Direct apps aren’t the same. For example, according to the app store advert for the First Direct app you can use Siri to make payments. You can’t do that with the HSBC app.