Monzo in the media

Key data:

  • Old valuation: $4.5bn
  • New valuation: $5bn
  • Amount raised: 430m

Some key quotes:

led by Alphabet’s investment fund

many other high-profile start-ups to suffer significant down rounds in the past two years

[Monzo] announced plans to re-enter the US, this time via a banking partnership that would allow it to bypass a licence application

While Monzo made a pre-tax loss of £116mn in 2023 — largely because of a surge in loan impairments stemming from the rapid growth of its buy now, pay later product — Anil said he expected to turn a profit this year.

I’ve just realised that there’s a whole thread on this, so probably discussion is best over there.


Monzo bucks trend to hit £4bn valuation

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If you search the ‘Gene Frantz’ quoted by the Times, you’ll see that he put out his own piece about Monzo on the CapitalG website yesterday:

Monzo has gone from having old street tech fanboys to international venture capitalist fanboys :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :monzocard:




BBC News - Paternity leave: Call for more help as fathers cannot afford time off

Spotted Monzo’s secondary caregiver leave here mentioned as a positive example! Keep it up Monzo.


Good old @TomMills making the news!


Came on here to mention that link. But good to see Monzo doing it well

Spotted on ITV, during “Olivia Attwood: Getting Filthy Rich. Cam Girls”. The woman holding the phone is a ‘financial dominant’ who is getting sent money by a ‘pay pig’. :astonished:


Nothing new there. Even when I was at Monzo, chances were when you’d open up the third party tool used for replying to tweets from @monzo, you would find yourself seeing p*rn pics from camgirls who’d put their account details in the tweet and say “pay me on Monzo”

Because the social tool was configured to show you any and all tweets with the word Monzo in them, the feed was often full of them.

This was largely before the rise of OnlyFans and the like, so perhaps it happens less now, but probably still to a degree.

It’s one of those undercurrents of social media that you quickly become aware exists when you work in the field. Of course when I was at Twitter, there were always people trying to use all the products I worked on for NSFW purposes too.


Wonder if Monzo froze her account at all :wink:

And I imagine now you work on a device called ‘Rabbit’ that problem is only going to get worse :sweat_smile:


Froze her assets?

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NSFW? Ideal I would have thought.

FT bearish on IPO probability.

Typo on the new advert - who signs this stuff off before it goes out? :grimacing:

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Too much pressure on the staff after someone on the forum said the valuation should be £10b already.


I can’t see the typo! :flushed:

“Doesn’t show how you investment will perform”

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Who signs this stuff off before it goes out? :rofl:


That was @WhyAydan

The typo is

You investment