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What would Monzo do? - Yahoo Finance

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Not much better and on Crowdcube itself!

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Read it for a laugh it really is a poor piece of journalism.

Makes the Sun read like Tolkein.

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Financial-technology companies have come of age and are moving into the mainstream. These fintechs have repackaged the building society ethos for the modern age — funded by crowdsourcing, offering low fees and responding rapidly to consumer concerns — and in return some, such as Monzo, have developed an almost cult-like following.

We cannot be seduced by fluorescent cards and snazzy apps. Where once building societies served as the financial sector’s conscience, the baton has been passed to the smartphone-wielding millennials who bank online and change their allegiance with a few clicks.

I am excited about the prospect of disrupting the industry but we need to choose wisely.

We need to ensure that this digital revolution is backed by substance rather than convenience and marketing. We need to ask: what do we want bankers to do?

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Millennials :heavy_check_mark:
Card colour :heavy_check_mark:
Cult :heavy_check_mark:

I declare this officially an article about Monzo

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You missed the fact it was written by the Times

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Separate check list for The Times

Negative :heavy_check_mark:
Superior tone :heavy_check_mark:

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I don’t actually understand ehe point of the article.

Banks need to change but don’t trust the Fintechs?

It doesn’t make sense and smacks off someone unwilling to acknowledge change.

It made me chuckle when she mentioned us switching all the time as if it’s a sin. Sorry but loyalty by and large gets you nowhere as has been proven by the insurance and energy sectors. Loyalty just makes them assume your a mug and charge you further.

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Coming soon…don’t be dazzled by the shiny self-service checkout which lowers the cost of your groceries, use a real person to checkout your groceries.


May as well plug the short article I wrote on Monzo:

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Its a good and well written article my only question for balance would be to include any negatives that Monzo has


True, but to be honest I was struggling to bring some up. It’s worked great for everything I have used it for.

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Maybe that’s your next article. :rofl::thinking::nerd_face:

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The company seems unconcerned by than less than positive response to its slightly disingenuous advertising campaign on Monzo forums

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The Sky headline is true but misleading. Along with the responding tweeters I thought “oh gawd” but a quick search reveals that he was CEO of Northern Rock after their nationalisation, leading their transformation. Also former board member of Visa.

Very big scalp there :+1::rocket:


Yeah not a fan of that headline - almost negative for Monzo unless you do some digging

Interestingly sky also has this title


The second one is far more balanced (obv because it’s more than a sensational headline).

I scratched my head at this comment though:

Anyone understand why recruiting an experienced leader means an IPO is likely soon? I don’t get it personally :thinking:


Well imagine if you wanted to buy a new washing machine. You are more likely to back a well known brand.

In this case having a well known finance leader coming on board may mean that shares would be more stable or be able to be listed at a higher price.

Though I do not believe that is why Monzo brought him on board that is just sky wildly speculating