Monzo in the media

(Jack) #228

On the welsh news today

Monzo creating 300 jobs and getting a million 💷 from Government
(Kolok) #229

Are they mostly call centre staff? 200+ new people on the phones does that mean monzo are moving more to calls over chat?


I hope not as though calls are needed sometimes and some people do prefer them.

I am a big fan of the chat system as no waiting on hold. You can reply when you want and wherever you are


Not really. It just says that they have recruited ex-tesco call centre staff. I imagine it will still be app chat centric but I also imagine there will be more people for phones too.

In-app chat is way better anyway. I’d only use the phone if I did not have access to chat.

(Jack) #232

It will be in app chat same as other staff I imagine,

that’s not to say their phone team won’t grow slightly inline with the user base.

(Jordan) #233

To be honest - probably just clutching at straws to give some validation to the “sensationalism” post the successful Crowdfund.

I mean Monzo literally a few months ago Crowdfunded for £100 odd million and Tom has come out publicly to say that they aren’t looking to IPO any-time soon. Added on to that is the fact that Monzo isn’t even profitable yet.

I don’t see much analysis in their statement that they’d IPO just because someone has been brought in. The benefit is having someone who has been a Captain before successfully steering the ship.

(Simon B) #234

Exactly this! The majority of new staff will be on Monzo Chat, but we’ll also have more people on call support and social media support.

In-app chat is by far the most effective way to get in touch with us, as we have so much context that pops up straight away, and mostly people will have explained their issue in the first message they’ve sent.

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I heard this on BBC radio news. It also mentioned that Monzo received £9m from the Welsh government.

I assume it’s not just an enormous bung, but in the form of helping with the set up costs.

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An article commenting on the Year In Monzo stats

(Only available in amateur ) #237

Used the word millennial 3 times and misunderstood the bills category and people who didn’t categorise their transactions in the right place :woman_facepalming:

(Simon B) #238

Pretty sure it was £1m.

£9m must be a reference to something else.


Hmmm… 950000 from Welsh Government?!:slight_smile:

(Michael) #240

Also exclaimed that no one is switching, no one pays their bills from it and most use it for fun money

Personal anecdote klaxon!

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I could’ve misheard it tbf


Maybe stretching the definition of media, but I don’t think this chat between Tom and one of the new Monzo corporate investors has been posted here:

Nothing brand new to note, although I think it’s the first time that I’ve heard Tom say that the focus of the next while is becoming a top 5 bank in the UK (in terms of customer numbers).

(Ben) #243

Had to call Monzo number earlier noticed Monzo have introduced hold music instead of cutting you off if their busy… good move although I prefer not to be on hold but better than being cut off.


What tunes do they play?

(Ben) #245

Nothing special lol but I did mention it to them when they did answer and they said they updated their phone systems.


Ah well, hopefully it wasn’t that awful elevator music. Classical is ok but chiptune would be nice heh.

(Ben) #247

Because before if they were busy they cut you off advising you go to app or try later. Now they put you hold until someone answers although I was on hold only 5secs