Monzo in the media

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I actually thought it was a fair article… I’m not a fan of The Spectator but couldn’t help agreeing with some of their points.

Is “demolition job” a bit much? In what context is it a demolition job?

Just seen that the upgrade tab at the bottom of my app has disappeared.

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So what do you have? Still 4?

Home - Payments - ? - Help

I have read The Telegraph article with interest.

I see that Monzo recommends that turning off marketing (switch in app) prevents their marketing.

It’s only today that I see the blue plus card in the app (not a huge deal). But I did receive a marketing email this afternoon from Monzo …even though I’ve always been opted out of marketing.

So something is broken somewhere.

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It will be just the 3 I imagine, I only have Home - Payments - Help

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Is it one warning you about impending charge changes with an ad about Plus?

I think there’s some loophole that a lot of companies use that mean if its an update then it’s okay, then they fill the blank space with whatever they wanted to say to start with.

Just the three, like the ol’ days.

I’m in android 11, latest Monzo beta

Nope. It’s a straight marketing email for Plus. Nothing else.

I agree with you in the sense that some companies put out marketing and purport it to be “essential account information”, to get round the law. I’m unsure if there’s an actual loophole. But it is frustrating to be marketed at when you don’t want it.

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I hate the wording at the top of the email. Oooooh, shiny. Like I’m a magpie and don’t have anything on my mind other than shiny things

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Perhaps their marketing is good at targeting a particular sort of customer?

The wording of the email didn’t bother me really. I clicked the unsubscribe link to unsubscribe from the marketing that I’ve already opted-out of in the app :wink:.

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If you opted out, surely this email is a direct breach of the PECR?

One would’ve thought, yes. But Monzo is not the worst offender I’ve encountered.

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and more than 100,000 customers across its paid-for current accounts, Monzo Plus and Monzo Premium.

So they have 2% of customers paying for a plus or premium account.

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A plus or premium account, I think the stat includes both.