Monzo in random Ads


I have come across a number of Ads on Social Media which are using Monzo Card this leaves me with the feeling that Monzo is becoming part of popular culture.

Share something you’ve seen on social media featuring Monzo but not from Monzo directly.

When you spot the Hot Coral
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I’ve noticed quite a few ads with Monzo cards as well


Would you say these are necessarily random ads or rather more deliberate product placement?

I think it ties in nicely to a wider debate about the “zero marketing spend” claim.

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it does seem to be a common claim :slight_smile:

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At least this one isn’t a scam company

But that’s a prepaid card. If their card reader can take money from that then it must be very good :thinking:


Indeed it does.

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lol …does the bigger text make it more true :slight_smile:


It’s an undoctored screenshot mate :face_with_monocle:

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ah sorry mate, didn’t realise, thought you were taking offence of the Revolut snapshot of their claim - I was just agreeing with your initial post that fintech firms are giving the myth of marketing cost being zero :slight_smile:


I saw through your baiting :wink: Nice try but better luck next time. Unlike some in this forum, my feelings don’t get hurt when when someone makes a valid/relevant point about a brand/company.
Your article is a very good example. This isn’t a Monzo v Revolut topic, it applies to all fintech who make the claim. Bravo!

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I think it’s clear that these companies are talking about “advertising spend”, rather than marketing spend.

The claims they’re making seem to be that they’re not putting ads in peoples faces and getting people downloading their apps that way. Rather they have refined the signup flow, adding features with a network effect & made a compelling product that gets people talking.

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I agree, I thought you wanted to discuss zero marketing claims by fintech companies which was what your article was about ? - I would say every interview Tom or other CEOs do is marketing, the office costs are partly attributed to marketing , are they a zero cost to the company no of course they aren’t so any claim of zero marketing costs is BS


Whilst I also agree with this, then why don’t they all just say “we have no advertising spend”?

They all seem to be fixated on calling it no marketing spend.

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Monzo clearly do :slight_smile: so they shouldn’t be advancing the myth of zero marketing spend - whether their marketing spend is average , below average , above average would need a bit more investigation :slight_smile:

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They are random ads.

We don’t facilitate this sort of thing. In fact we requested the last company we saw doing this to stop.

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Was this because you weren’t happy with that particular company?

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Might look like they’re endorsing something they don’t feel confortable with


Thanks for actually answering my question; it’s become somewhat rare recently so much appreciated. :clap:

Do you have any comment on the “no marketing spend” debate?


That’s a quality find :eye: Total Sales and Marketing > 0