Monzo in the Dominican Republic 🇩🇴

Used the card to withdraw at my hotel in Punta Cana. Worked seamlessly but the ATM seems to have its own charges. Forgot to say I used the credit option to withdraw!


Will be testing this in a fortnight. Actually cant wait!!

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Heading to Dominican Republic, can’t wait! Awesome features so looking forward to testing it!

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Hi did you use your monzo card in Dominican Republic if so how was it I’m going next month so was wondering if you had any problems Dave

Hello, Dave!

I had no issues whatsoever. Very easy as MasterCard was pretty much accepted everywhere. You shouldn’t have an issue and the conversion rate is pretty decent as the exchange rates are taken from MasterCard also.

Hope you enjoy! I went to Punta Cana!

Thanks for taking the time to reply

Hi . Going to the Grand Pallidium , Punta Cana next month. Any idea if ATMs near there for withdrawing cash?

There’s one at the hotel, but they charge a fee for using it. The vast majority of places accept your card anyway. We stayed cashless for the majority of the trip! Hope you enjoy!

Thank you for prompt reply. We were there 5 years ago but that was before I got my Monxo card. Cant recollect many shops that would take debit cards. Seemed to be mainly shacks. Looking forward to holidays :sunglasses:

Dec 2018 - paid a fee of 195 peso withdrawing cash

It may have been the cash machine that you used has charged you for using it. Some do that. Unless the amount that you took out was over the £200 a month withdrawal allowance, then there is a charge by Monzo.

Of course, just informing people that there are charges. I didn’t find any atm that wouldn’t charge extra. I only withdrew an equivalent of £50


Would like to know what type of spending money you all abscess used in the Dominican Republic?(US Dollars, Dominican Pesos, Monzo)

I understand that typically the hotels and excursions ask for tourists to pay in US Dollars but I would rather pay in Pesos as it is cheaper.

Has anyone had trouble asking to pay in Pesos instead of US Dollars?

Also what is is like paying by card in DR?


Just wondering if anyone here has used their Monzo card in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic, and if so, did you have any issues?

We’re thinking of taking a small amount of cash for taxis, street vendors, tips and the flea market, but wondering if anyone could share their experiences with me?

Many thanks,

Hello I’ve moved your thread here. There’s a little but of info from members that have visited previously.

Hi, I just tried to pay at Sirena and I wasn’t able to. Got to the confirmation tab on currency, and transaction failed after closing DOP or GBP.
Withdrew money and it worked perfectly.
Does anyone know why at Sirena (a grocery store), it didn’t work?